That’s an appealing title isn’t it? It seems that in this day of fitness a great majority of people want results with little to no effort. People wonder why it takes them so long to reach their goals but won’t approach them in a logical manner. If little to no effort is how you got the way you are now, then how can you expect to have the opposite effect on your body from that same approach? If you are saying in your head “something is better that nothing” right now, then I’m speaking to you.

What is your INTENSITY level when you exercise? Do you expend all the energy you have in the shortest amount of time, or do you try to conserve energy until the predetermined time has elapsed?……….Plain coming english in 3,2,1……Do you 1. Go hard, catch your breath, then go hard again? OR 2. Go through the motions until your 30min. or however long you decided to workout has past…….on your cellphone, talking to your friends, reading a book, looking at everyone else like they’re crazy cause they’re sweating all over the place. Walking out the gym looking the same way they did coming in. Then get online talking about how you got it in at the gym today. (are you uncomfortable reading this right now?) Understand this, no matter what it is in life, your approach dictates your outcome. If you want mediocre results then give a mediocre effort. If you want life changing results then give a life changing effort. If you want the effects to last short term then give a short term effort. If you want the effects to last long term, then give a long term effort. Simple logic. These post are a direct result of what I see everyday. I have people coming to me on a regular basis asking how can they reach their goals, but wait til the VERY last second to start achieving them, with a laundry list or things they don’t want to do. It seems everyone wants that spectacular “after” photo, but will put more effort into searching for the easiest way to get there, with as little effort as possible, than actually working towards that goal.

Take a look at these pics and decide who’s going to reach their goals quicker……

no intensityintensity resizeno intensity1 resize

intensity3 resize

The reason I chose this topic is because this is how the fitness industry makes BILLIONS. They tell you what you want to hear…..QUICK, EASY, CONVENIENT. Well I’m going to tell you the exact opposite. Get up! Get out the house! Skip putting on make-up (ladies)! Put the phone down! Close the book! AND GO HARD! Go until you need to catch your breath. Go hard until it burns. Go hard until you need to lay down in the middle of the floor no matter where you are. Get up and do it again…….and after that, get up and do it again. This is how you change your life.

~it’s about what YOU see in the mirror~

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