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Dear beautiful Black Man. I am writing this letter to first thank you for being simply beautiful.

A lot of you never hear the positive affirmation that you deserve. So many of you are GREAT Fathers Sons, brothers, Uncle’s, Grandfather’s, Godfather’s, and Friends, I want to thank you for being there.

Dear Beautiful Black Man, I will never understand your struggle, or your hustle. I will never understand how it feels to be born and already have two strikes against you. 1. Being Black 2.Being a Black Male. Three strikes if you are born into single family home. Dear Beautiful Black Man I will never understand being profiled by the police because I am a young black man that looks “suspicious.” Dear Beautiful Black Man. I will never understand the struggle of trying to build a legacy when you feel that the whole world is against you. Dear Beautiful Black Man, but I do understand that as a Beautiful Black woman, my job is to pray for you, that the weapons that form shall NEVER prosper. Make your home a castle that when you come home from fighting the war of the world you can be at peace and know that I have your back. I will nurture your seed and make sure that they know that their DADDY is the protector, provider, and teacher. And when times get hard like I know they will, I will be there to pray you through, affirm you, listen to you, push you and make you feel like the Beautiful Black Man that you are.

Dear Beautiful Black Man I see the struggle, I hear your concern, but know you are built to last, just take a look at your ancestors; Kings, Rulers, Prophets, Scientist, Civil Rights leaders, all of who struggled much like yourself and came out on TOP. To My Beautiful Black Men who have died because of your Beauty know that your blood shed is not in vain.  Your sons will know the sacrifice that you made, and they will be taught that their Beauty too, will someday bring pain, but they can overcome it!

Dear Beautiful Black Man you are loved.

Signed A Beautiful Black Women. –Tova Jones

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