She is a Motivator, Trendsetter, Visionary, & Native of Flint, Michigan who was born in Port Huron, Michigan. An International Radio & Television Personality who began her Media career with her own syndicated Radio Show entitled “The Tyra Hill Show”. She is also the Creator & Executive Producer Of “The Queens Wine Down” Web Show and ” Tyra Hill’s LIVE Jam Session”. Her heart, passion, and open book mentality has encouraged thousands of people and has helped transform lives. Tyra has faced many challenges in her life such as a teenage pregnancy, drug addiction, dropping out of high school, & abuse. She knows what it is like to be counted out and to feel hopeless.

Tyra has the ability to challenge the mindsets and hearts of others. By giving those conscious tools that will allow them to make better choices and decisions for themselves. Her quick tongue, fiery personality, & humor allow her to give it to you straight up, with no chaser. She’s community driven, full of life, and zeal. There is no limit to Tyra or her gifts; she simply does not fit in a box. She’s a Wife, Mother, Author, Mentor, & Business Woman. Her life experiences have birthed purpose, destiny, while teaching her and countless others life lessons. Her honesty, integrity, & willingness to listen creates a transparent atmosphere. Tyra, is the true testament of a survivor who overcame and triumphed through many calamities. Her passion and love for the youth allows her to see beyond their circumstances and to speak life into them. Her heart for Sisterhood is respected, embraced, and known worldwide due to her #IronSharpensIron movement. Her hearts cry for the Brotherhood is to rise up, take their rightful positions, and lead their families because without them “The family dynamics is dysfunctional and unhealthy”. Tyra Hill often says “I wear many hats & I’m grateful for them all but the most important hat to me or that anyone could ever wear is SERVANT”.

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