Its time to stop going t these restaurants and ordering cups of liquid sugar. One thing I know about nutrition is you can always make  food and drink work to your benefit. Iv’e been drinking a tea I put together a while ago after researching fat burning foods. I’m pretty sure I didn’t invent it but I had no outside direction when developing it.  I will give you the ingredients and what each one does for your body………This may sound somewhat familiar because I did a post a little while ago titled “Fat Burning Foods”.


fat burning tea

Cayenne Pepper – 1/2tsp: consumption dilates the blood vessels and speeds the metabolism due to the high amounts of capsaicin. This increases circulation and blood flow to all major organs which facilitates oxygen and nutrient delivery. Some research suggests that cayenne pepper may support a healthy energy balance while suppressing appetite. It has also been shown to aid in the oxidation of adipose tissue, regulate high blood pressure, promote healthy liver function and tissue production, help regulate the digestive system, promote healthy mucus production in the membranes that line internal organs. Cayenne pepper is also claimed to be an aphrodisiac because it contains capsaicin.

Cinnamon – 1 tsp: Published in 2003 in the journal Diabetes Care, a study concluded that in people with Type 2 diabetes, consuming daily low levels of cinnamon that is between 1 to 6 grams (or approximately 1 to 2 teaspoons) reduced blood sugar levels. How cinnamon effects this result is still to be determined but the study also showed that the results lasted in the individuals even as long as twenty days after ceasing to use cinnamon. In 2009, a Scandinavian study showed that in healthy individuals 3 grams of cinnamon per day lowered blood sugar levels after eating a meal. Higher insulin levels lead to less use of excess blood sugar (and sugar is stored in the body as fat), so a reduction in insulin after a meal is significant. If cinnamon can help control the level of blood sugar and, by offshoot, fat levels, then that is corroboration of what some have said regarding its weight loss potential.

Organic Whole Leaf Green Tea – One bag: I rip the bag open and pour the leaves into my mug. After doing research, it was recommended that you let your tea leaves expand to release the natural oils. The bag restricts the leaves from expanding.

According to new research, green tea extract epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) may slow weight gain in two important ways. First, EGCG reduces the ability to absorb fat and second, it enhances the ability to burn fat.

The study, published in the journal Obesity, reports that mice given EGCG in addition to a high-fat diet gained weight 45% more slowly than the control group of mice eating the same diet without EGCG. In addition to lower weight gain, the researchers reported that mice fed green tea showed around a 30% increase in faecal lipids – suggesting that the EGCG limits fat absorption.

Caffeine in green tea: A study in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” noted that caffeine has a thermogenic effect. In the investigation of the effects of caffeine in healthy people who regularly consumed moderate amounts of caffeine, 100 mg, 200 mg and 400 mg of caffeine all stimulated thermogenesis. The more caffeine consumed, the higher the thermogenic effect. Another study suggests thermogenesis may be more pronounced in certain people. In a small study of caffeine-induced thermogenesis in 10 lean and 10 obese women, the thermogenic effect was greater in lean women and lasted longer, compared to obese women consuming caffeine.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar – 1 cap full: 

  • Rich in potassium, a mineral that is often times lacking in adult diets. This mineral is key for growth, building muscles, transmission of nerve impulses, heart activity etc. It also helps to prevent brittle teeth, hair loss and runny noses.
  • Rich in acetic acid. This acid is said to slow the digestion of starch which can help to lower the rise in glucose that commonly occurs after meals.
  • Rich in ash which gives ACV its alkaline property. This aids your body in maintaining proper pH levels for a healthy alkaline state. (It is particularly important if you drink a lot of coffee or wine.)
  • It can help regulate blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol.
  • Rich in malic acid which gives ACV its anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  • May help improve bowel irregularity and helps to remove toxins from the body at a faster rate.
  • It can help clear up skin conditions and blemishes.
  • ACV helps with weight loss by breaking down fats so that your body can use them rather than store them.
  • A few lab studies have found that ACV may be able to kill cancer cells or slow their growth.

Place all ingredients in coffee mug, then add boiling hot water. I drink this every morning some time after I wake up, but before my 9 a.m. breakfast. I give it a little flavor by adding lime. I also want to experiment with fresh mint leaves but as long as it doesn’t add too much to the overall cost.


I’ll say it again. Lets stop going to restaurants and ordering liquid sugar. Make your food work for you. Each thing you put in your body should have a purpose………just to make your belly full doesn’t count by the way.

~its about what YOU see in the mirror~

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