childhood obesity

Let’s talk about childhood obesity. From the 1960’s to now the rate of obese children has tripled! A recent study of adolescents to individuals in their 30s found that 36.1% of the sample was obese in 2008, with appox. 90% of obese adolescent remaining obese into adulthood. Parents we set the example for our children. We give them access to whatever they consume. In the beginning we tell what is good and what is not. I’ve seen alot of parents project their preferences onto their children. Have you noticed some children don’t like the same things their parents don’t? We give them treats and say “mmmm that’s good isn’t it?” They learn from us. So that would explain why some children don’t like veggies or drink plain water. Do you agree? Hey here’s a question! Why do you go to the gym and try to eat healthy but stop by McDonald’s for your kids on the way? Just because they’re young and energetic, doesn’t mean damage is not being done. Why do they need to clean their plate? They won’t let themselves starve to death. Also their activity level had decreased due to television, video games, and no after school activities. 40 years ago 42% of US children used to walk or bike to school. By 2001 that rate dropped to just 16.2%. So WE need to encourage more activity. A study was done in 2011 that indicated that 32.4% of our children watched tv 3hrs or more a day on a school night, and 31.1% were obese, 15.2% were categorized as overweight.

Homework: Evaluate your children’s health and habits. Is there anything you can change, regardless of their fitness level now? Are there any activities they can participate in? Can the tv be cut off more? Can they get more activity? Can their diet be changed? Do you feel that your preferences have been projected onto them?

~its about what YOU see in the mirror~

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