MiMi1Okay…..We’ve FINALLY seen the season premiere of Love & Hip Hop ATL! At this point I don’t know if I wanna slap the HELL out of MiMi or give her a hug and a heart to heart Sista Gurl Talk. I’m really trying to rap my mind around the fact; WHY she DIDN’T realize that Nikko trifling good for nothing self was an OPPORTUNIST??!! I wanna believe in my heart that this snake of a man leaked that video without MiMi’s consent….HOWEVER, It couldn’t of been me at the table because I would have flipped over the table on top of him and STOMPED the devil and the rest of his life out of him. Only time will tell us the TRUTH & I’m on STANDBY deleting EVERY tape I’ve EVER made with the Mister LAUGHING BUT VERY SERIOUS!! Hey……you never know what someone will do especially after a breakup! In this day and age you can’t share secrets with so called girlfriends or intimate videos and pictures with so called boyfriends or some spouses. Remember EVERYONE has an agenda and sometimes the agenda is not always positive or in your best interest. I hope the pleasure she felt was worth the EMBARRASSMENT for a lifetime….poor Eva!! What’s your thoughts…..Did she willingly leak the tapes or was she bamboozled and hookwinked?!! LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS &  #LetsTalkAboutIt



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