Mommy Pregant With Nina with Me By her sideDear Mommy,

As a child I thought I could do your job so much better then you. Sometimes, I felt you were unfair when you chastised us or told us NO.  The fact that we had to attend church every Sunday PLUS Bible Study, Sunday School, Usher & Choir rehearsal made me say “When I get grown I’m not going to church”. It wasn’t until I became a Mother and I thought…..WOW “What a big burden to bear by yourself and still NOT miss a beat. Making sure that your children have their essentials and that nothing gets turned off. I’m looking back through my childhood eyes and this is what I see NOW. There was not enough time in the day for you to work, help with homework, cook dinner, wash clothes, clean the house, be nurse, counselor, spiritual adviser, & many other hats you wore. You CONSTANTLY denied self because your children needed and the very thought of having self time wasn’t really a thought at all because your self time became time spent on which bills to pay or which bills could wait. Then both your daughters had the audacity to become teenage Mothers…..YET YOU STOOD by our side and nurtured us. Your faith in God was the very essence of why you refused to throw in the towel and check out. It was your courage and  love for your children that helped you persevere daily. You rose early in the morning 7 days a week  preparing for everyone’s day and before you made a move. You simply lifted your hands and head towards Heaven and you began to pray. Your selfless prayers where filled with Thanksgiving, Adoration, Love, & protection for your children. The house was still quiet because everyone was sound asleep as your silent tears fell because you didn’t know what today’s journey held, but you KNEW who held your day and your tomorrow. No, you didn’t always make the best decision or choices. BUT, you did the BEST you knew how to do and that my Precious Mother is why I’m able to be the BEST Mom that I can be….. I simply learned from THE BEST! Mommy I Love you and it is my prayer that I will be a Mother to my Son like you’ve been a Mother to me…….Bertha Sligh you are AMAZING & I’m honored to call you Mom. Nina Lee Webster Happy Mothers Day Sissy & Happy Mothers Day to ALL of the Mothers & may your Children FOREVER call you BLESSED!! I Light A Candle In Remembrance of My Grandmother Francis Mary Knight Crenshaw Lee……I LOVE YOU Big Momma!!

Love Tyra

Nina & I My Sister & I

Mommy & NinaMy Mother & Sister

Me & MommyMy Mommy & I


Big Momma The Matriarch of Our Family The Late Francis Mary Knight Crenshaw Lee



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