So as you all have heard me say before, I am a regular viewer of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. This week’s episode was called the “Big Release.” The episode consisted of Mama Dee actually acting like a “real” mother and not some imaginary Queen of a Kingdom that Scrappy built. Kirk Having an apology party for Rasheeda, a mini cat fight between Carly and Benzino’s new fiancé, Joseline leaving Steebie J to clear her mind and go hang out with K. Michelle, But the part of the show that really had me in tears was the release of the sex tape with MiMi and Niko. Now I know the sex tape has been out for about 3 months and we all had so much to say about the morality in having a sex tape as a mother period, but really as a mother of a little girl who will have to carry this with her as well. If you have been following the show, you will know that MiMi has been struggling with the tape coming out. She felt that she had no other choice but to sign over the sex tape to and make a profit off of this “misfortune” her famous line this whole season is “I did this to make sure that my daughter is good, and that I can provide for her on my own.” Despite everyone telling MiMi that Niko leaked that tape she continued with the process. Toward the end of the show they showed everyone’s reaction to them watching the sex tape. Erica’s reaction took the cake for me, being that she is close to MiMi. Erica and Ariane watched the tape together. The look of shock, disappointment, and hurt graced their faces. Erica slammed shut the iPad and with tears in her eyes said “I can’t watch this”   she proceeded to say “ I don’t care about what box or corner MiMi felt like she was in, she is a grown woman and had a choice, I care about Eva (MiMi & Steebie’s Daughter) because I have a little girl, and Eva will have to live with this too”  I was literally crying because I felt the pain of not only MiMi’s Friends, family but of MiMi as well. I truly believe she was embarrassed, torn, and wanted to look like the winner at the end. I believe Niko was the master mind behind this video. Ladies there is a lesson in this “Never connect yourself to someone who doesn’t have your best interest at heart, if they are frequently putting you in compromising situations, he never had your BEST interest at heart.” Besides the obvious of me not taping myself with a Man that was NOT my Husband.  Me personally I would have never signed a professional deal to promote me as a porn star for any amount of money. I would of have to let the tape get leaked and deal with consequences. But that’s me! What would you have done?

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