Although I preach gym, gym, gym that is most certainly not the only way to lose weight. I want to give you some alternatives to the gym for those that don’t like going, or don’t have the money to afford a monthly membership. Its summertime now where I live so we have more resources available to us, like the park, the track, soccer/football field,or even our own yards. I trained three women using equipment I made for around $20. Lets look at some creative ways I exercise and the inexpensive materials I use.

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Discarded Tires

Discarded tires: Because tire service stations have to pay to dispose of these tires,they’ll gladly give you them for free. The place I went to tried to give me a half of semi truck load………….that’s not an exaggeration. Pick a tire you think will give you a challenge. I found that a 15 inch tire is a good starting point. I use a 22 inch now. Make sure you inspect the tire for protruding steel belts. These can cut you hand while handling. I recommend wearing gloves with a rubber grip also. Make sure you wash with soapy water and let dry.

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Bucket With Top

Bucket with top: The bucket was $3.79, the top was $1.27. You may have buckets lying around the house you can use. I wanted to make sure the handles weren’t worn out. I wanted tops so just in case whatever we decide to put in them won’t spill out.

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Sand: I decided sand would be the best material to use, it won’t spill out too easily during transport or exercise. Also if more weight is needed we could add a little water to it. I picked some up at my local home improvement center. The sand was on sale, $1.97 for roughly a 20 pound bags. I used a household scale to weight the sand for each bucket. I made up 3 buckets of sand, one 40 pound bucket and two 20 pound buckets.

Now that you have your materials, what will you do with them? Watch!

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2 replies on “Cheap Homemade Exercise Equipment

  • Bertha

    Hello Mr. Anderson,
    My name is Bertha and I am having problems with my knees. I went to the doctor and he stated that I have a little Arthur in them. The pain is a 10 at night and a 5/6 during the day. I am a praying women and I believe God is going to heal my knees. I lost about 10-12 lbs over the last few months and now it seems to me that my world is falling apart. My daughter Tyra Hill says that you are the man so I am emailing you for some advise therefore; pllease tell me what can I do to start healing this Arthur.

    Pain and More Pain


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