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I read the best quote I’ve seen so far when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. YOU CAN’T OUT EXERCISE A BAD DIET! For instance, if you walk on the treadmill for 30 min, you’ll burn roughly 300 calories. If you eat a Burger King meal (Whopper with cheese, small fry, and med coke) over 30 min……and you know it doesn’t take that long), you would be consuming 1290 calories. You starting to get the picture? Paying attention to what you eat, AND how many calories you consume is important. I had a friend that had the philosophy that if he exercised he could eat what he wanted. A month later he gave up exercising because it wasn’t working…..funny how that works, and what he gave up isn’t it? Once you know how many calories are in the foods you eat, it will be a lot more simple to pick what you want and how much you want to consume. The other solution is to consume healthy foods and abstain from the ones that will spike your blood sugar and sodium levels. Eat natural growing, unprocessed foods. Stop eating science experiments with ingredients you can’t pronounce and can’t find on your own. Consequently you will consume less calorie, improve your health, and lose weight in the process if you’re overweight.

Let me lay this fact on you….. The human being is the only creature on this earth that will eat him/herself to poor health. Most other creatures eat for survival. We’ve turned eating into a source of entertainment. Everything we do now is centered around food. Weddings, funerals, open houses, birthdays, holidays, long time-no see “lets go get something to eat!!!” You ever said “hey its been ages since I’ve seen you! Let’s go for a walk and catch up!” Maybe we should do that…..ijs

Here’s a different point of view. Do you get exited to go to the gas station. “Man were gonna get Shell today! Maybe we’ll get some BP next week! Oh, Oh, how about some Exxon! No, we put gas in the tank and go. We should treat food the same. Stop playing with your it as if you own you own cooking channel. If food is supposed to be for energy, why can’t we just put gas in the tank and go?

I want you to make a conscious effort to change the way you view, prepare and eat food….NOW! I know you can do this. All you have to do is try it one meal at a time.

For all you need to know about nutrition, check out my new book “Fitness Freak Meal Plan” available on A paperback version also a Kindle version is available for download. I f you don’t have a Kindle, download the Kindle app via your app market. If you want to know what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, and why you should eat it, its all in here. All the work has been done for you, just follow along.

Fitness Freak Meal Plan available @

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