I was thinking about the pitfalls of sticking to a healthy lifestyle during the holidays. Food is the number one culprit to stalling your progress. This prompted me to come up with a list of rules for holiday eating…….



1. Know how much food you need for all that will be attending dinner.
Don’t prepare too much food.

2. If you aren’t cooking you shouldn’t be “tasting” any components of the dinner before hand……..That’s the cook’s job.

3. There is no snacking before, or after on ANYTHING you have for that meal. This means no sampling slices of pie days before the dinner. No sampling the rice & gravy while waiting for the turkey to be done.

4. Drink 8 oz of plain water before you eat your first bite.

5. You can eat whatever you want for that ONE holiday meal.

6. Your meal is finished when 30 minutes has passed and you haven’t anything else.

7. No left overs!!! Give them away or throw them away. I you feel that its a waste of money to throw away food then make sure you reread number 1 above.

8. When you visit family or friends and you’ve already eaten, JUST SAY NO. They will try every tactic possible to get you to eat again. They will tell you “You look good, you can eat more!”, “It won’t hurt, its only for one day!”, “Here, take some with you to go then.”

RESIST! RESIST! RESIST! You can do this.

9. Exercise ASAP!!!

I hope this helps you. I pray for strength in your life. I pray that food becomes less important, and fellowshipping with family and friends become more important.



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