As a young, independent and thriving female trying to make her place in such a big world, love is something I’ve yet to truly figure out. Love is a very powerful feeling that shapes the way people respond to one another. I feel as though we categorize Love in order to regulate how it’s given. Maybe it’s because I’m young but I feel like love is something that should be more normal. We generalize love in a romantic way when in reality it’s just a way to reflect one’s admiration and respect for another. Oftentimes I find myself in an awkward position with people that combine love with affection when I’m just genuinely trying to express gratitude toward them. Love is something that comes natural to me in abundance because I do my best to reflect the God in me at all times. Im a firm believer that love is all we need in this crazy, sick, twisted yet beautiful world we live in. The lack of love and misconception of it is where I see the opportunity for all the madness. I think of love simply as a penetrating force that sheds light on even the darkest places. I was always told that to love someone is to understand them. As a result of that and my empathetic nature, I’ve been molded into a very compassionate person. The instant my mind goes to a place of judgement, I’ve conditioned myself to instead consider the possibilities of what said person may be going through that’s led them to where they are now. Instead of thinking of them as a stranger, an acquaintance or any other label that would cause me to love them a little less, I reflect as if it were me or someone I love. If it was someone I loved being bullied, I would say and do something. If it were someone I loved on the street hungry, begging for money or food, I would feed them or give what I could. If it were me… I’d want someone to love me enough to help. I don’t think love is at all closely related to the way it’s portrayed in society. Love is something you have to just do and be, it’s not something you pick and choose when to use. Even in romance, love is something you use most when you come across the flaws and potential of another. This brings life to more specifically, unconditional love- which is the love of God. I struggle with staying in tune with my reality of love because of how others perceive it and/or use it against me. I believe a lot of people use love more as a manipulation tactic than a genuine act. Love becomes conditional when we only love with expectation. Whereas, in my natural state I just love. I am love. It’s all love. The idea is to plant a seed, be sure to water it from time-to-time, let life shine on it and watch it grow to fruition.

Author- Ariana McBride 

There is a plan for your life. No matter how many times or how far you stray away from it, it will always be calling you to it. Those moments of uncertainty is a calling of reflection. Always reflect on where you are, what you’re doing, where you want to be and what it takes for you to get there. Nobody ever said life was easy, and that’s because it isn’t. There are a lot of things that are going to stand in your way that you will have to hurtle over. You may be struggling now, you may struggle tomorrow, but the greatness that awaits you is always there. What makes you happy? What skill have you been blessed with that you can in turn bless the world with? Those skills are a part of your calling. It may just be a hobby that you like to experiment with in your spare time.  What sparks the worlds interest in you? When you do something you love and that you are passionate about, no one can replicate that. They may be able to be in the same field as you, but they are not you and can not bring what you can bring to the table. The foundation of this success is built upon your mindset. Your mind is your weapon, and an awful thing to waste. You can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. Use your mind, heart, and spirit to your advantage. In the words of Buddha, “what you think; you become. what you feel;  you attract, & what you imagine is what you create.” Do not compare yourself to others, you are your own form of beauty and greatness. Perspective is key. You can look at one situation a thousand different ways. You can change your world by changing your thoughts. Humble yourself. Frederick Douglass once said “You are not judged by the height you have risen, but by the depth you have climbed.”  Life is not about what happens to you, it is about how you move through it and overcome your obstacles. Through pain, strength is created and utilized in its best form. Instead of dwelling on the darkness, be the light if you can’t find it anywhere around you. Keep moving forward, walking in faith and believing that you can be as great as you want to be. Each day that you wake up is another chance to go after what you really desire. Every day is christmas, and every night is new years eve. You are constantly blessed with new beginnings and opportunities. Never stop educating yourself, knowledge will always equal power. When you learn something new, apply it to your life and pay attention to the change it brings. It’s one thing to think about doing something and another thing to actually do it. You may genuinely want to do something and don’t know where to start. The first thing you do is put it on paper, look at in physical form. Create goals to reach and don’t underestimate what it takes to accomplish it. Trust and be patient with the process. Everything takes time and effort. You may not get instant gratification but that is okay, do not quit. Claim your victory, affirm to yourself that you will get there, no weapon formed against you shall prosper. You must arrive at your destination before your life does. We live in an energetic universe. What you put out into the world is what will come back to you, sevenfold.  The universe aligns you with people, things and situations that match the energy you put out. The more you improve yourself and raise your vibration, the more you will see things that are beneficial to your well-being. A part of humbling yourself is putting your ego in check. The ego says “ I shouldn’t have to suffer,” that thought makes you suffer so much more. It is a distortion of the truth, which is always paradoxical. The truth is that you need to say yes to suffering before you can transcend it. Not in the sense of; “yes let me suffer,” but more of “yes, I may suffer, but the greatness that awaits me thereafter will bring me greater joy.” Suffering has a noble purpose: the evolution of consciousness and the burning of ego. Frederick Keonig said it best, “We tend to forget happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.” Your life unfolds in proportion to your courage. So do not let fear or doubt consume you to the point that you procrastinate.  Although it is never too late, it will be much more challenging for you to overcome the mindset that led you into procrastination in the first place. Love yourself, and your neighbor. It may seem hard, but with the right perspective it becomes extremely easy. Love is the one thing people truly can’t ignore within themselves. Love is a powerful energy that pierces through the coldest hearts and darkest minds. The special thing about other people no matter who they are or where they are in  life, is that there’s always something you can learn from them. Whether it’s from a good situation or a bad one, there’s something great to be taken away from every one of them. If you know God, you know that he works in the most mysterious ways. One of the most common ways i’ve experienced myself, was through other people. The nectar of compassion is so wonderful. If you are committed to keeping it alive, then you are protected. What the other person does, or says will not ignite the anger in you, because compassion is the real antidote for anger. Those judgements you have a hard time getting rid of, are actually a reflection of how you see yourself. We tend to make these judgements not realizing they go hand-in-hand with our own behavior. That is another reason why reflection is so important. It’s easy to put your time and energy into other peoples issues than it is your own. Be constructive, not deconstructive. You can hear without vibrations of sound, see without eyes, talk without tongue, and feel without being touched. You are a force to be reckoned with. Life works according to your consciousness. You are more than just a shell, you are a being. In order to tap into that being you have to indulge in the spirit, not the flesh. When the being speaks, all nature and the universe responds. Now, GO BE GREAT! MUCH LOVE, NAMASTE.

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