Flint Artist UnitedWhiteBGThe FAU ProjectΒ Β is a collaboration of Musical Artist that are fom Flint. This Project will include the BEST Artists, Choirs, Choir Directors, DJ’s, Musicians, Producers, Psalmist, & Video Directors. FAU will assist our hometown of Flint financially longterm with proceeds from this Recording Project.

For years Flint has impacted the Music Industry as well as the Big Screen!! We ARE a gifted, resourceful, resilient, & talented People. We have had many forerunners who have paved the way such as Ready For The World, Mc Breed, The Dayton Family, Top Authority, Jon Conners, Albert Strickland & Chozen, New Jerusalem FGC, & Northwest Community Choir just to name a few.

Our Mission Statement: To unite Artist from Flint and assist our Community throughout the Financial & Water Crisis. To serve our Community by volunteering our time, money, talents, & gifts. To educate and empower the Citizens of Flint as we rebuild one block at a time.