As a young, independent and thriving female trying to make her place in such a big world, love is something I’ve yet to truly figure out. Love is a very powerful feeling that shapes the way people respond to one another. I feel as though we categorize Love in order to regulate how it’s given. Maybe it’s because I’m young but I feel like love is something that should be more normal. We generalize love in a romantic way when in reality it’s just a way to reflect one’s admiration and respect for another. Oftentimes I find myself in an awkward position with people that combine love with affection when I’m just genuinely trying to express gratitude toward them. Love is something that comes natural to me in abundance because I do my best to reflect the God in me at all times. Im a firm believer that love is all we need in this crazy, sick, twisted yet beautiful world we live in. The lack of love and misconception of it is where I see the opportunity for all the madness. I think of love simply as a penetrating force that sheds light on even the darkest places. I was always told that to love someone is to understand them. As a result of that and my empathetic nature, I’ve been molded into a very compassionate person. The instant my mind goes to a place of judgement, I’ve conditioned myself to instead consider the possibilities of what said person may be going through that’s led them to where they are now. Instead of thinking of them as a stranger, an acquaintance or any other label that would cause me to love them a little less, I reflect as if it were me or someone I love. If it was someone I loved being bullied, I would say and do something. If it were someone I loved on the street hungry, begging for money or food, I would feed them or give what I could. If it were me… I’d want someone to love me enough to help. I don’t think love is at all closely related to the way it’s portrayed in society. Love is something you have to just do and be, it’s not something you pick and choose when to use. Even in romance, love is something you use most when you come across the flaws and potential of another. This brings life to more specifically, unconditional love- which is the love of God. I struggle with staying in tune with my reality of love because of how others perceive it and/or use it against me. I believe a lot of people use love more as a manipulation tactic than a genuine act. Love becomes conditional when we only love with expectation. Whereas, in my natural state I just love. I am love. It’s all love. The idea is to plant a seed, be sure to water it from time-to-time, let life shine on it and watch it grow to fruition.

Author- Ariana McBride 

Being the change we want to see in the world requires that we look beyond the surface of ourselves in order to encompass that change. This presents one of our greatest challenges because it inevitably takes us out of our comfort zone. We grow so comfortable in our ways, that we become afraid of the idea of change. Since change is required to grow toward our full potential, by the time change is necessary we create illusions to avoid self-reflection. As a result, we get stuck in the same position no matter how hard we try to move forward. History repeats itself because illusions cause us to find different ways to head back to the same place. By the time we reach familiar signs, the damage has already been done and prosperity is that much harder. It takes a change of perspective to be able to  analyze where you might have went wrong. The ironic thing about reality is that you have the power to change it. We shape our physical reality through our mental. With only a few seconds of focusing your attention on a subject, the Law of Attraction begins to respond. Within 17 seconds of focusing on something, a matching vibration becomes activated. Now, when you repeatedly return to a pure thought, lasting at least 68 seconds, in a short period of time ( hours in some cases, or a few days in others), that thought becomes a dominant thought. Once achieving a dominant thought, you will experience manifestations until you change it. We live in an energetic universe that brings karma to life. The energy that you put out is the energy that you will receive sevenfold because it travels through multiple sources. We are all one and everything we think and do has its’ own ripple in the wave of mankind. As the momentum of a wave progresses through like sources, so does its’ strength. The more we indulge in a particular thing or thought, the stronger it’s influence becomes. At times we grow overwhelmed by these energies and tend to isolate ourselves to better prioritize them. If our intentions are pure and we reflect on our own involvement, we begin a positive state of reinforcement. We transform and channel certain energies to specific energy centers in our bodies called Chakras. If we are not proactive and involved, the energy takes on a life of its’ own and we become a victim to ourselves. Our physical reality consists of 4 dimensions; forward/backward, up/down, left/right and time. The “in, out” dimension refers to the being inside you that can hear and talk without sound waves, feel without sense of touch and see beyond time. This, is where true power may lie dormant if you’re living on the sidelines of your life watching the game pass you by. Deprivation of love and positivity is a sure way to waste the integrity of your mind. Love is one of the strongest forces to be reckoned with, it can purify the most tainted of beings. Fill yourself with love and let it pour out of you, genuinely. Unconditional love is the essence of pure consciousness. I encourage you to do more research on Chakra, meditation, yoga, and pure consciousness in order to become more familiar of the different ways to understand what you’re manifesting subconsciously and be more active in your conscious mind.