The saying is true “We all have a past and a story”. Some peoples past are not so bad, or it wasn’t too bad, while others past scream “You never should have made it”. My past story would be under the category of “Never should have made it”. I wasn’t always the Godly woman, let’s make that clear and my patience ran very thin. I didn’t always make the right decisions or say the right things. As a matter of fact, my mouth was foul and vicious. I loved hustlers and the street life and even sold a few drugs myself. Sex, was my coping mechanism along with the usage of cocaine, liquor, and weed. To make matters worse my first Husband was abusive and my sons Father is currently serving thirty years in a Federal Facility. See, I told you “We ALL have a past and a story….BUT there’s some GLORY to ALL of our stories.

Have you ever wondered why some people try to keep you hostage with your past? Or why no matter how much you’ve evolved, they choose to remember the “I remember when’s”. How many of us have miscarried our purpose and destiny because of others opinions of us? How many times have you become angry with self and with others because your past is haunting you? My last question to you is, when will you take back your power? The very moment you realize that everything that you were in the past is what help mode you for your today. That’s right, just think if you never had any affliction, trials, test, or tribulations. How would we know God to be everything He promised us He would be? He promised us that he would be our Healer (that includes your mindset, heart, & soul), Deliverer (that includes all areas of bondage), Savior (that includes your ENTIRE life), & He said that He would stick closer than any brother (that mean seven when you were at your worst).

There was a time when I allowed my past and others opinions of me to haunt my future. I’ve even been told by some people who attend church “People don’t need to know your business they can’t handle it” or “Why do you tell your business so people can talk about you”. Well, I believe that IT’S MY STORY to tell and I want it told right, with truth. Besides, nobody can tell your story like you can and no one knows the deepest darkest parts to your story. I promise you, the more you share your testimony with those who can benefit from being told how you made it over. The more power you’ve taken from the enemy, people, and your past. The enemy desires to keep you in bondage and God’s desires you to walk in liberty with no condemnation and live in abundance. This is why the enemy keeps whispering your past in your ear to fatally distract you from ALL the blessings that lay before you. Every blessing that has your name on it awaits you. Yet, you’re stuck and hurt because no matter what you do….People remind you of your past.

When we are reluctant to share our story, we allow God’s glory to be robbed because of shame and embarrassment. Then, we allow others who are going through what we have been through to suffer because of shame and embarrassment. How selfish is that and why are we so ashamed of what helped build us and couldn’t break us? From past experience this means one, two things, or it could mean both. Either you haven’t forgiven self and or you created a mental prison within self. Don’t be your worst enemy learn to speak life over yourself “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”….CELEBRATE your NEWNESS!

I am reminded of the story of Lot and his Wife. The Bible says “But Lot’s Wife looked back as she lingered behind him, and she became a pillar of salt”. STOP lingering and looking back before you miss the very breakthrough that you’ve been praying and fasting for. Besides, how will you know what’s ahead of you and you keep looking back at your past. FREE your mind and yourself and the rest will follow! It doesn’t matter what your past consist of or how bad it was because ‘Whom the Son sets free is truly free indeed”. Walk in your NOW and make no excuses about where you’ve been because all that matters is where you’re going. Stick your chest out because you are a SURVIVOR and MORE THEN A CONQUEROR. God has His hands on you, He’s not a man that can lie, and He promised to complete the work He started in you.

My prayers go out to Michael Vick, because he served his time and people are still trying to hold him hostage. But in the words of my girl Ms. Cicely from the “Color Purple” “The jail you build for me, is the jail you will rot in”. Own your past mistakes and let everyone know that redemption is possible. I love the fact that God has a way of making dirt look good and although WE ALL WAS filthy once upon a time. His BLOOD washed all of our sins away including our past. NOW WALK IN YOUR AUTHORITY, NEWNESS, & RIP YOUR RUNWAY!!

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Homosexuality photo 2Every place I go I see homosexuality; whether it’s on television, being displayed in society, within my circle or within my family. When I’m in society every corner I turn no matter what city or state I’m in, I see a Church. Whether it’s Baptist, Catholic, COGIC, Apostolic, Non Denominational, Southern Baptist, Jewish Synagogues or simply A place of Worship….they’re on every corner. One would think that the terms “Homosexual, Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender” wouldn’t dare be said in the same paragraph that the word “Church” was used in. How do we wrap our minds around the fact we are living in a society where alternative life styles have become the “New Norm”? How do we live in a world with people that don’t live like us or the way we think they should live, or look like us and dress the way we want them to dress, and refuse to believe what it is that we believe? Have you ever heard the saying “Same old stuff just a different day”? I mean really this isn’t anything new; it just came in a different form called same sex relationships.  I’ve been asked many times “How are we as Christians suppose to raise our children and live in a world that is allowing same sex marriages, open gay relationships, men dress like women, women dressing like men, and be okay with it”? Then, I’ve been asked by the Gay community “Why can’t God love me like He loves you and why can’t I attend Church without being judged & ridiculed?”  Someone just shared their story with me; he told me that his church excommunicated him on a Social Media Site. I was speechless, my heart ached, and grieved because that is NOT the type of God I/We serve. I refuse to believe that any church that is opened in God’s name and any Christian who claims to love God would treat anyone like this. It’s time to TALK about it, it’s time to ask questions and seek God for answers on how we as Christians are to respond to the “New Norm”.

Let’s start with my questions…. 1. When did homosexuality become the #1 sin on the list, because the Bible calls it “Sexual Immorality”? That also includes fornication, adultery, lusting, masturbation, and covetousness of one’s spouse. 2. If the Bible states in James 2:10 “For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one [point], he is guilty of all” why aren’t we as Christians addressing SIN as a WHOLE meaning the immorality of sin itself? Because SIN IS SIN which includes lying, backbiting, gossiping, (stealing) cheating on taxes, envy, jealousy, hatred in the heart, malice, drunkenness, gluttony, wickedness, and the list goes on. Especially when scripture tells us in 1st Corinthians 6; 9-10 “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate (man acting feminine), nor abusers of themselves with mankind. V.10 nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers (to use abusive language), nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

Now, I would be lying if I said not guilty because I’ve been guilty of many sins and GOD just happened to say “NOT GUILTY”. I stand on and believe the Word of God and I agree that sexual immorality, the works of the flesh, and anything else God forbids in His holy Word is a Sin. That means even when I did those things listed above I was a sinner. Now, I’m a sinner saved by grace trying to live a life pleasing unto God. Does that make me sinless, no I just (sin) less because I must crucify flesh (anything not of God) daily! Does that give me the right to put my mouth on someone else who sins differently from me? No, that would make me judgmental, which is also a sin according to Matthew 7:2 “For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the same measure you use, it will be measured to you”.

 Here’s the moral of this Blog, GOD is looking at the church (You & I) the City on a Hill. He’s not looking at the world nor is He coming back for the world. The enemy has sown seeds of division amongst the people of God, within God’s House of Prayer, Our Families, & Our Communities. We have become so FATALLY DISTRACTED on whose right and who’s wrong on this issue. Nobody is paying attention to the blood we have on our hands, because we’ve murdered people with our mouths and we’ve wounded souls with our judgmental outburst.  As people of God, we have the audacity to use words like faggot, dikes, homo, studs, queers, butch, & so on and think its okay.  We’ve somehow LOST our focus and commission from God and the 2nd Greatest Commandment, which is to LOVE thy neighbor as thyself.  His love never fails and it covers a multitude of sin even if the sin is different from yours. We must get back to that place of SOUND DOCTRINE which is hate the sin, yet LOVE the sinner. We have no right to tell people that they can’t worship with us because of their lifestyle. Jesus came to set the captives free, he didn’t come for the people who weren’t sinners.  It’s our job as Christians to embrace people of all backgrounds and lead them to God by being a living example and testament that God is I AM. We must set aside our bickering and return back to our Father’s business of winning souls.

We can’t keep acting like the modern day Pharisees and Sadducees who knew the law, but didn’t want to accept or embrace the One who came to fulfill the law. How can we say that we have the mind of Christ, when some of us have taken on the mindset of bigotry? That’s not Kingdom, NOR is it what the GODHEAD stands for. Then there are those like me who have been delivered from sexual immorality. Yet the very people we worship with, who may know or think they know our past. Try to keep us hostage and in bondage with our past as if GODS Word isn’t true or as if He’s a liar. As a matter of fact I am reminded of this passage of scripture “He Without Sin Cast The First Stone”. This is how Jesus responded when the “Pharisees” and others surrounded the adulterous woman to stone her to death according to John 8:7. How many of us have thrown stones or shade at people whose lifestyles don’t line up with ours? Is the Father pleased with our actions and the way we treat people in His name? Let’s not forget to examine self; especially when some of us faithfully watch television shows full of sexual immorality and violence. Yes, I went there because we must acknowledge our own shortcomings and sinful nature.

 We must address these issues that are causing havoc within our families, communities, and the household of faith…The time is NOW! My prayer is that we begin to look at others, not where they are but where GOD sees them. We sing that good ole hymn “Amazing Grace shall always be my song of praise, for it was grace that brought my liberty, I do not know just how He came to love me so, He looked beyond my faults and saw my needs. I shall forever lift mine eyes to Calvary, to view the cross, where Jesus died for me how marvelous, His grace that caught my falling soul ,He Looked beyond my faults and saw my need.” If God looked beyond ALL your faults, surely He’s looking past everyone’s faults and He sees their needs. As I close another song just came to mind, the song simply says “Holy Spirit deal with me, I give you authority, take what’s wrong and make it right, Spirit deal throughout the night, Holy Spirit Deal with me I give you authority , until ALL in my life becomes Yours”. Truth be told, Tyra got some stuff in her life that she’s trying to rid herself of which makes it hard for her to judge anyone. Yet, I pray for EVERYONE to repent because the Kingdom of God is at hand. Join me Sunday as we discuss this issue and create this much needed forum. Bishop Anthony Claxton, Myself & Others will be discussing this very issue and we’re taking phone calls. Be SURE to tune in Sundays 5 pm EST on (Download App to Your I phone or Smartphone). Or catch us on Thursdays 7 pm EST & Saturdays 2 pm EST on “If You’re Dealing With It, Let’s Talk About It” On The Tyra Hill Show. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think about this article~Tyra

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weding ringsHas your Mate ever said these awful words to you? Or perhaps you’ve been the one to say these awful words to your Mate. Did you stumble across a text, picture, receipt, social media site, or even a child? Was it your intuition as most call it, or was the writing on the wall? If these words have been conveyed to you, how did you feel? Did you feel broken, betrayed, confused, unloved, unappreciated, insecure, angry, revengeful, hurt, disappointed or that the life you once knew was a lie and over? Will it be safe to say that you’ve probably felt all these emotions, and if not more? If you were the Perpetrator did you feel guilty, ashamed, embarrassed, selfish, unloyal, neglected, or unloved? Just think that temporary pleasure or infatuation could cost you everything. Or are you ready to walk away from all that you built with your mate to start something that was built on a lie and a secret? A lot of times we hear from both males and females of this generation state “I could never forgive being cheated on, that is an unforgivable act”. Once upon a time, I was that female and I vowed to never stay with a man that cheated on me either. Whether we were married or together, for me that was the worst thing MY MAN could do to me. I guess the saying is true, “Never say what you will and won’t do until you’re faced with the situation”.
Growing up I watched Wives or “Old Ladies” as their Mates would affectionately call them allow their significant other to cheat on them. I never understood why a woman would be willing to share her man with another woman. To know that he’s spending time with her, could possibly have children with her, and he feels some type of emotion for her is an unbearable thought. I would think that caring this weight and burden, would eventually torture the mind. Knowing someone other than you has your mate’s heart, and to make matters worse everyone knows your business because it is not a secret. But yet everyday there are hot meals on the table, the house is cleaned, and the children are well taking care of. You dare not say anything because if you do, there’s a strong possibility that he will walk out on you and go to her. So your mind tells you that some of him is better than none of him. The fact that he’s the bread winner, you have no career, and the children need their Father. Leaves you in a vulnerable situation that can potentially ruin your self worth, esteem, and mentality. You can’t talk to your girlfriends because most of them are in the same situation if not worse. So you learn to live with it, accept it, and you say nothing.
Now, we’re in the new age era where women have careers and are very independent. Most have been broken due to their childhood and run from the very thought of being just like their Mother. Never truly giving love a chance or themselves the opportunity to break the generational curses of fear, mental, and emotional abuse. So then we take on the mindset of “Independent Women” we dress in our best name brand clothes, keep our hair fly, and our faces beat, while driving the latest cars. While hoping and praying no one truly sees what’s really going on under the mask. We don’t trust men because of past experiences or because of how we saw our Mothers end up. We adopt the “I don’t need a Man” syndrome, when in fact that’s the very reason God created Woman. I’m telling you, I have felt this way and have been a victim of circumstance. I would be lying to you if I told you that I never was cheated on, or that I never cheated. I would be the first to tell you that people make mistakes and everyone is entitled to forgiveness. Even if you choose not to stay in the relationship, forgiving them frees you. Understand that you will not be the only person or the last person to ever be cheated on. Yes, it’s very painful and honestly I wouldn’t wish that pain on my worst enemy. The GREAT NEWS IS, there is LIFE AFTER, Betty Wright has a song called “After the Pain” and in this song she says “After the pain you come and love me… and I welcome you… You’re a glad sight to see…. and after the rain…. and all that I have been through
I still can’t explain…. How I can still love you like I do…. But I do, yes, I do”. I know I have taken some of you back with this song and you’re probably thinking “No Pain, No Gain” another one of her hits. In that song she says “I was earning my Man, while I was learning my Man, it’s something you young girls may not understand”. Every marriage and relationship hits hard times and we must do the work to keep what is ours. Now make no mistake, I’m not telling you to stay in a dysfunctional relationship. However, there is a root to everything and although you can’t make someone cheat on you nor are you responsible for their actions. There could be a strong possibility of a communication breakdown that can destroy any relationship. Communicate with your mate daily, build them up and don’t tear them down, be honest and open, and don’t be afraid to schedule therapy outside of the church.
Recently, we saw on the hit Reality Show “Mary Mary” Tina is dealing with her Husband Teddy’s infidelity. I commend her for attempting to forgive her Husband and wanting to save their marriage. I’m sure Tina thought, just as I did, and probably some of you “this will never happen to me”. Well, it did and it’s real! I’m sure people told her she was stupid and to leave her Husband. It is NEVER anyone’s place to tell a Husband or Wife to leave their Spouse. As a matter of fact the Bible warns us of this by saying “What God has joint together let no one separate”. That includes the Victim and Perpetrator; we should never be willing, to be so quick to walk out the door on something as precious as marriage. Just as a Mate shouldn’t be so quick to run to someone else to get what they are lacking at home….Yet we all fall short. But don’t the Marriage Vows say “For better or for worse”? Yes it does and worse can be that very thing that tries to destroy your marriage that you MUST stand against. I wrote this Blog, not to persuade you to stay in an unhealthy relationship like some our Grandmothers, Mothers, and Aunts did while becoming bitter and broken. But to encourage you to tap into their strength, courage, and learn how to forgive the unforgivable. Don’t be so quick to leave, separate, or divorce get to bottom of the real problem and try to build from there. Connect with other married couples that have been together for some time. Keep your single friends out of marriage conversation because they can’t relate. Set a prayer time for you and your Spouse. Create a date night without the kids and stick with it. Plan family fun days, whether outside of the home or inside the home be creative. Cook together as often as possible and eat dinner together. Fellas KNOW THIS; YES the grass may be greener on the other side and if it is, KNOW the water bill will be higher. Sistas, A Man doesn’t want a lazy, none cooking, miss know it all, trifling, partying, money spending, no goal having Woman. Make sure your Mans house is cleaned when he gets off of work and that you don’t nag him as soon as he walks in the door. Don’t go to bed every night with a scarf on your head and NEVER go to bed with an attitude. Last but not least, buy a gift bag and take him to lingerie store and allow him to pick out some lingerie. Go home put them in the gift bag and every chance you get. Present him with the gift bag to pick what you’re about to put on for him. Remember, either you grow together or you grow apart……Let’s Do Better & in the words of AL Green “Let’s Stay Together”! Please Leave a Comment, Share your thoughts, or ask a question. Don’t forget to check out our Website and other Blogs…. We Appreciate You!! ~Tyra

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Tyra's OLD BDay Pic
Yesterday, I CELEBRATED my 38th Birthday! As I started my day, it began with relaxation and then I started reflecting on me. So much has changed within me and around me and when it came to my past. I realized that I was ugly on the inside, just plain miserable on the outside, and damaged goods. I had low self esteem and I couldn’t forgive. Then I had the ordasity to have malice, self hatred, rejection, resentment in my heart and I didn’t KNOW how to TRULY love me. The one thing that really stuck out to me as I was self examining, was the fact that I’m NOT the same Tyra I was last year, or ten years ago. Yes, I’ve always had a good heart and tried to treat people the way I wanted to be treated. I’ve always tried to love my family and friends with everything in me. And last but not least, I’ve always tried to live a life that is pleasing unto God. But there was still something missing, and deep down inside I knew there was so much more to me then what the eye could see. And it was up to me to get to the surface and the root of what was really going on within me. My past was full of trials, tribulations, heartbreak, heartaches, pain, & self hatred. To be honest with you I’ve done it all, self medicated myself with cocaine because it made me numb, drunk myself to an oblivion state to forget, and used sex to manipulate men in helping me feel good about myself. NONE of those things had a lasting effect, as a matter of fact and to be honest with you again they really made me feel worse. For some reason instead of looking deep within, we look for temporary fixes. Whether it’s a man, shopping, eating, sex, or other temp services, nothing will be able to fix you until you’re HONEST & OPEN with SELF & GOD. I will never forget that day that I literally stripped naked, looked in the mirror, told God what I saw, & asked Him what He saw. I have to be honest with you it wasn’t easy being honest about self. Who wants to call themselves broken, backbiter, lier, gossiper, cheater, thief, filthy,fornicator, adulterer, murderer, mean, unkind, unloving, arrogant, stubborn, or etc. I know I didn’t, BUT I’m GLAD I did even though it didn’t feel good, I knew it would soon pay off. Then to top it off, NOW I have to hear what GOD thoughts are about me? You see, it didn’t matter to Him that I could sing or I was gifted. He didn’t even care about how many Church services I attended, or how many ministries I was in, NOR how much tithes & offerings I payed. He was concerned about MY HEART & MOTIVES. After listening to Him for an hour or so, the tears wouldn’t stop falling and I was so ashamed of how I made Him feel. I KNEW from that day forward that I had to rid myself of the carnal mindset of victim, some people, and something’s. I KNEW that I had to start making better decisions and choices for Tyra. I KNEW that GOD had amazing plans for me, however, one couldn’t tell because whatever it was had been hidden underneath layers of hurt, pain, and fear. How does one began to dig out of the pit that was created by self and fed daily by others? FIRST, You START with repenting for thinking you had all the answers, but truthfully you really didn’t want the answers that really mattered. Then you start getting to the root of every emotion you’ve ever felt. Next, you learn to master the spirit of offense because offense will leave you stagnate and caught up on people. Last but not least, you LEARN to TRULY LOVE YOU. Some would say, “I’ve changed” while others may say “She’s acting funny”……I simply say “I’m Evolving”. We must understand that nothing or no one stays the same….either you “Evolve” or you stay stuck. I CHOOSE to EVOLVE & It FEELS GREAT ~Tyra

I Want To KNOW How Are YOU Evolving?! #LetsTalkAboutIT

Tyra BDay Pic

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