There’s 1 million different ways to get to the same place. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome. Our habits make us complacent due to comfortability. If/When we reflect, we’re justifying ourselves with illusions. We’re not completely honest with ourselves, which will create a disconnect from the being within. This disconnect will result in mental illness, physical sickness, and emotional turmoil due to our toxic cycles. So many of us are spaced out and disconnected from the world. We’re insecure about ourselves and our lives and have no idea why. We change jobs, find new people to be around, different things to do and still feel stuck in life. If you can relate, your root chakra is out of balance and you are not grounded in the right things. The sad thing about this common issue, is that we are not in tune with our instinctive energy that was manifested in the womb to the age of one year old. This gives you an idea of how early the pollution of our bodies and minds begin.

Many circumstances and variables of life will give and take energy from this chakra at any moment. An energetic blockage at the muladhra chakra can be caused by anything that instills panic, fright or extreme worry, including being homeless, losing your job or the divorce of your parents when you were too young to understand. Life-threatening situations obstruct the flow of energy. If you feel disconnected from your body, live in a fantasy world craving constant change and frequently resorting to escapist activities, then your Muladhara energy is deficient. If you feel preoccupied with routine and fear change, stuck in life and think in terms of black-and-white; you see others as being with you or against you, are frequently depressed and/or obsessed with physical security, then your Muladhara energy is excessive.

The Muladhara chakra is located at the base of your body and governs your skeletal and auto-immune systems, as well as your bowels and teeth. Along with the universe, our body is constantly telling us what is wrong. When this energy is out of balance you may find that you suffer from frequent problems with your; legs feet, knees, base of spine, butt and sciatica. Working with this chakra will allow you to connect with your body again and enhance your ability to eliminate what you no longer need or want in your life. Reflecting on ourselves and our lives is beneficial because we find solutions within our problems. If we get past the uncomfortability that we feel, we will create and use the necessary energy to rearrange our thoughts in a more effective manner. Be honest with yourself about the things you’ve normalized that are not beneficial to your growth. This includes but is not limited to; people, thought processes, actions, substances and ideologies. Our foundation needs to be re-evaluated constantly, otherwise we will resort back to the same things that limited us in the first place. Along with specific yoga and meditation practices, reflecting is the strongest way to connect with inner knowledge. Your brain and body are designed to work in your favor. If you continue to poison what you are made of, what you create will continue to be tainted. To ground yourself with meditation, mentally repeat the following affirmations while planting your feet firmly on the ground:
-I am exactly where I need to be
-I am nurtured by the energy of the earth
-My body supports me with its strength.
This will begin to surface, expel and utilize the necessary energy to reveal the answers you seek regarding your imbalances. Consistency is vitally important. You absolutely have to manifest the correct energy to start seeing the correspondence it has within the universe. if you return to bad habits, you’ll continue to see the same results, inevitably.

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Can you imagine hearing these words come out of someone you love mouth? What if it was your child, or a niece, nephew, cousin, grandchild, neighbor, family or church member, coworker or friend. How would you feel and what would you do? I know what you’re thinking….”This doesn’t happen in the African American culture”. Whelp, you’re wrong as two left shoes because it does. Truthfully “Self Harm, Self Mutilation, & Self Abuse is a form of “Mental Illness” that DOES NOT have a respecter of person. Just like mental illness this too is kept a secret and is what I deem the “Silent Soul Killer”. I was shocked as I began my research on this topic because it opened my eyes to something that has set out to destroy our youth and adults in our families. First, lets get rid of the myth that self harm is just cutting because it ISN’T. What about having unprotected sex with multiple partners and being addicted to sex? Isn’t this considered “self harm” or being addicted to pills, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, crack, lean, Xanax, & cigarettes?  All of these things are ways we harm ourselves, which is “self harm”.  We cover up our brokenness, hurt, rejection, & self demons while we medicate ourselves with what makes the flesh feel better at that time.  While others take blades and knives and cut their body parts to make them feel better at that time. Could you imagine hurting so bad, the only way to let out the hurt or to express the hurt is by harming self? We’ve all heard of “Mental Illness” and we all know someone who suffers from this disease. But, do you know that there are over 300 manifestations of mental illness according to DSM-IV “Diagnostics & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders”? I didn’t either!! We’ve become familiar with the top 5 common mental illnesses which are bipolar, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, & mood change disorder.  That we missed the other  255 PLUS mental illnesses that haunt our communities daily.  People we see everyday…. our family members, friends, coworkers, mailman, teachers, Pastors and people we worship with are suffering and hurting in silence. Many are ashamed because they don’t want the stigma attached to them. Many go undiagnosed because of other issues such as addiction and molestation. You may not literally “CUT” yourself with a blade, but what is your tool of choice to “CUT” with? Is it food, people, sex, drugs, gambling, or self hate? It’s time that WE TALK ABOUT IT because it’s knocking on all of our front doors. Whether, it’s a school shooting, mall attack, naval shooting, DC sniper, or a private melt down that turns public…..It’s REAL!! Join The Tyra Hill Show Sunday 5 pm EST on as we take this discussion further because “If You’re DEALING With It, We’re TALKING About It” on The Tyra Hill Show. Download the WPBRADIO App or watch us Stream LIVE!! #LetsTalkAboutIt

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