Every person wants sexy, strong legs. Well you don’t get them by sitting on the couch! You don’t get them by “talking” about how much you want. them. You don’t get them by bragging on how others you know have put in the work. And you most certainly don’t get them by hanging around others that already have them. Well that leaves only one question………How do you get them?

Right this way. Remember one thing that I tell all my clients, “I don’t care how many you do if you don’t do them correctly.” And actually if I’m training someone and I find them doing an exercise incorrectly just to get it done, Ill stop counting. I would much rather you take a rest than to perform incorrectly and possibly injuring yourself. If you need to take a rest, don’t stop the clock. You’ll know you’re progressing when you can perform theses exercises straight through.

Exercise 1: Jog in place. 4 min.

run in place resize

You don’t  want to immediately put pressure on your knees. You want to ease into it with a light warm up. Get those knee up!!!

Exercise 2. Single leg balance 3 min (1 min 30 sec. on each leg)

single leg balance resize

Make sure the leg you’re balancing on is straight. Knee not bent, or hyperextended. Knee of foot not on the ground should be in front of you, held up at a 90 degree angle. Keep your back straight. When I train some clients with bad balance, I’ll have them take their shoes off. Stand by a wall the brace yourself in case you start to fall, but challenge yourself to stay up for as long as possible.

Exercise 3: Walking Lunges 2 min


When you perform the lunge, make sure you perform correctly. Your foot distance should be approximately the length of one leg apart when you lower to the floor. Keep your back straight and lower slowly under control as to not bang your knee on the floor.

Exercise 4: Ass to grass squats. min

ass to grass resize

This is not a regular squat. You need to get that butt down as low as possible. Keep the back straight and head up through the motion. Once again, use a chair or wall to help you balance but you want to progress to no outside help to properly develop the muscles.

Ok you’re on your way to sexy legs. You’ve read the post. There’s only one thing left to do……….Get to work!

~its about what YOU see in the mirror~

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