The saying is true “We all have a past and a story”. Some peoples past are not so bad, or it wasn’t too bad, while others past scream “You never should have made it”. My past story would be under the category of “Never should have made it”. I wasn’t always the Godly woman, let’s make that clear and my patience ran very thin. I didn’t always make the right decisions or say the right things. As a matter of fact, my mouth was foul and vicious. I loved hustlers and the street life and even sold a few drugs myself. Sex, was my coping mechanism along with the usage of cocaine, liquor, and weed. To make matters worse my first Husband was abusive and my sons Father is currently serving thirty years in a Federal Facility. See, I told you “We ALL have a past and a story….BUT there’s some GLORY to ALL of our stories.

Have you ever wondered why some people try to keep you hostage with your past? Or why no matter how much you’ve evolved, they choose to remember the “I remember when’s”. How many of us have miscarried our purpose and destiny because of others opinions of us? How many times have you become angry with self and with others because your past is haunting you? My last question to you is, when will you take back your power? The very moment you realize that everything that you were in the past is what help mode you for your today. That’s right, just think if you never had any affliction, trials, test, or tribulations. How would we know God to be everything He promised us He would be? He promised us that he would be our Healer (that includes your mindset, heart, & soul), Deliverer (that includes all areas of bondage), Savior (that includes your ENTIRE life), & He said that He would stick closer than any brother (that mean seven when you were at your worst).

There was a time when I allowed my past and others opinions of me to haunt my future. I’ve even been told by some people who attend church “People don’t need to know your business they can’t handle it” or “Why do you tell your business so people can talk about you”. Well, I believe that IT’S MY STORY to tell and I want it told right, with truth. Besides, nobody can tell your story like you can and no one knows the deepest darkest parts to your story. I promise you, the more you share your testimony with those who can benefit from being told how you made it over. The more power you’ve taken from the enemy, people, and your past. The enemy desires to keep you in bondage and God’s desires you to walk in liberty with no condemnation and live in abundance. This is why the enemy keeps whispering your past in your ear to fatally distract you from ALL the blessings that lay before you. Every blessing that has your name on it awaits you. Yet, you’re stuck and hurt because no matter what you do….People remind you of your past.

When we are reluctant to share our story, we allow God’s glory to be robbed because of shame and embarrassment. Then, we allow others who are going through what we have been through to suffer because of shame and embarrassment. How selfish is that and why are we so ashamed of what helped build us and couldn’t break us? From past experience this means one, two things, or it could mean both. Either you haven’t forgiven self and or you created a mental prison within self. Don’t be your worst enemy learn to speak life over yourself “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”….CELEBRATE your NEWNESS!

I am reminded of the story of Lot and his Wife. The Bible says “But Lot’s Wife looked back as she lingered behind him, and she became a pillar of salt”. STOP lingering and looking back before you miss the very breakthrough that you’ve been praying and fasting for. Besides, how will you know what’s ahead of you and you keep looking back at your past. FREE your mind and yourself and the rest will follow! It doesn’t matter what your past consist of or how bad it was because ‘Whom the Son sets free is truly free indeed”. Walk in your NOW and make no excuses about where you’ve been because all that matters is where you’re going. Stick your chest out because you are a SURVIVOR and MORE THEN A CONQUEROR. God has His hands on you, He’s not a man that can lie, and He promised to complete the work He started in you.

My prayers go out to Michael Vick, because he served his time and people are still trying to hold him hostage. But in the words of my girl Ms. Cicely from the “Color Purple” “The jail you build for me, is the jail you will rot in”. Own your past mistakes and let everyone know that redemption is possible. I love the fact that God has a way of making dirt look good and although WE ALL WAS filthy once upon a time. His BLOOD washed all of our sins away including our past. NOW WALK IN YOUR AUTHORITY, NEWNESS, & RIP YOUR RUNWAY!!

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8 replies on “People Are Trying To Hold Me Hostage With My Past

  • Christy Whitner

    Awesome blog! ..truth..encourage others and to myself. I have made mistakes and have had them thrown back in my face. I refuse to be a prisoner of my mind. Blessings to you for being a uplifting spiritual being. Thanks Tyra!!

  • W Thomas Anderson

    Just like you Tyra, if people knew my past but didn’t know me, they would have a different expectation of what I’m like. Like you said, if we have been delivered, we had to be delivered from something………in our case some “THINGS”. I love your honesty, and I love you.

  • Jazzie

    It’s funny how others hold on to your demons longer than you.. Proof, that wisdom doesn’t always come with age.. My Dad (Rip) used to always say.. Gurl they talked about Jesus Christ and he Walked on Water..
    Tyra the more Fabulous you become, the more people are going to hate it.. You are so FAB now that if someone else told me this about you, I wouldn’t have believed it. And that’s what matters..

  • Mia

    I’m an open book and I tell my story but only when I’m instructed to. My past is very long.. I am no longer a hostage.. some distant family talks about my past and it’s okay because they don’t know my future and my present its goo filled.


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