People are causing an uproar over recent events of Colin Kaepernick’s tidal wave effect on taking a knee during the National Anthem in the NFL. There are a lot of different opinions that people are expressing passionately, especially the opposing ones. A lot of Americans feel that the kneel is disrespectful to what America stands for and we’ve come here to challenge that perception. Starting off with facts, the government has been paying the NFL since 2009 to incorporate the National anthem to promote Military recruits. According to the US Flag Code Chapter 10.1761, it states “ The flag should never be used for advertising purposes in any manner whatsoever.” Although football is not a platform for political stance, Kaepernick found an opportunity ( just as the gov.) to further implement his cause. Colin takes the knee to protest against the wrong doings and injustices of black americans on a systematic level. On a larger scale, Black Americans include themselves beyond their non representation. Americans argue that they’ve fought and died for freedoms we still have an issue utilizing as a black community, considering Kaepernick no longer holds his position in the NFL. It seems that as Americans we forget to include the black families who also sacrifice and suffer for these freedoms, or the black families in which we built this country atop of their backs. When mentioning any sort of beneficial factor that we have as americans we neglect the Black Americans who were right along side us in more ways than one. Black Americans, even through all their struggles, have and present respect toward their opposers. So, the outrage as a result of this protest is all the evidence we need to understand that either we have our American Motto misconstrued, or that it just isn’t intended for everyone. Our own beloved President, Donald Trump believes that those who kneel to protest against prejudices are “sons of bitches, who deserved to be fired,” and that those who protest for the advancement of prejudices have the potential to be “fine people with valid points.” As a member of society I do understand that the years leading up to today have misconstrued a lot of people’s idea of what freedom is and who it implies to. As a nation we have not dealt with or included Black American struggles into our plan of solutions, and that is solely why we continue to find ways to present our case after so many years. If it is not known to you for obvious reasons that the abolishment of slavery and the act of desegregation has not eliminated the social issues in which Black Americans encounter on a daily basis, please take the time to research what those social issues are regarding your fellow American family. Not only would we greatly appreciate it and hold it near to our hearts forever, but it is also all the right reasons we take our stands, or kneels. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me through Facebook, or twitter., twitter: @Beautyofmind96


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