The Women’s Convention held at the Cobo center in Detroit, Michigan this year was a compelling event bringing awareness to the Trump administration agenda. The sessions held at the convention contained a lot of information and perspective from a citizen point of view as well as those of power and influence. From the comfortability of old information, to the future of our water systems and the decline of the importance of education, women from all over the world came to talk about it together! People on the panels for discussion explained the policies and laws trying to be passed through Congress and the progressive impact these will have on society in the coming years. The conversations held at The Women’s Convention were uncomfortable, yet necessary and exhilarating.

Tarana Burke, Founder of #METOO Campaign, photo credit:

Speakers like Tarana Burke, who originally founded the #metoo campaign dealing with sexual assault and violence, brought awareness to neglect of victims and prosecution of offenders. Mayor Karen Weaver attended to continue awareness and involvement of communities pertaining to clean water and the Flint water crisis. Congresswoman Maxine Waters empowered the crowd with a very inspirational and informational speech in relation to the Trump administration and how their positions in office have crippled the nation. The Women’s Convention was a declaration of the power in unity. The protests of thousands of women who came together resulted in a movement that represents us all. Everyone was encouraged to take their rightful places and bring the conversations back to their communities to ensure change.

Mayor Karen Weaver (left), Congresswoman Maxine Waters (right) photocredit:

The reality of the issues at hand is that they’re not being dealt with. Trump continues to neglect issues that hit home for everyone in the nation while securing the necessary policies and connections to advance his own agenda. Puerto Rico, whom we colonized,  is still in ruins til this day from the destruction caused by hurricane Maria, when we have the necessary resources to help them. Supplies and resources are being withheld solely because of a paperwork issue they feel is necessary in order to save lives. Our President and his administration are coming together, spending valuable time on things like; gaining access to drill pipelines into our oceans, declining access to affordable healthcare, promoting the oppression of the people they govern, encouraging and igniting civil warfare, and degrading and discrediting the importance of women who birthed the people of this nation. Ultimately, we are being conspired against and our ignorance will allow the dismantling of us all. We are the people and the people have power. That power lies within unity, knowledge and awareness of issues affecting our communities and electing people who have already been a part of the solutions, on the front-line, fighting for us. Be sure to get out there and vote for your local officials at general election, Nov. 7th! The fight starts at home!! 

Over the weekend of October 27-29th I had the pleasure and honor of attending The Women’s Convention in Detroit, MI. The movement was created as a result of people all over the world coming together to fight for the rights of women and the equality of all. On January 21st, 2017, women united to revolt against the Trump Administration due to its’ oppressive agenda. The people who attended this convention desired to bring forth great change in history with collective individual effort. I was inspired and emotionally driven to engage in my own passion for spiritual awareness and pure consciousness. The change I personally would like to see is much deeper than politics or personal opinions. I want people to know how deeply their identities are rooted, how extremely important their existence is on a boundless and infinite scale and how meaningful their time on this Earth truly is.

One of the many important things I learned through this experience is how valuable our time is. There are ample amounts of activities we partake in that will lead us absolutely nowhere beneficial to the change that is taking place around us and inside of us, good or bad. The reality that we refuse to acknowledge is that we are not safe in our complacency. Not until the fight has come to our doorstep are we aware of the battles we have to endure. It’s time to dig deep inside ourselves and understand that the fight starts within us. We’re distracted by ideas of fun that will never amount to what we’d experience if we continuously invested into our true potential.

We focus so much of our time and energy on the many components of our physical world that we completely neglect the spiritual. When in all actuality, our energy is intended to be used spiritually to create physical energy that represents our inner being. Today, I really want us to hone into the being inside of us. That still voice deep within you. Before you take the time to do this, mentally prepare yourself with positive affirmations. Know that you are a strong, capable, great and powerful being. Love yourself unconditionally. Let go of physical reality, struggles, illusions, and negativity. Interact with that being because it knows who you are, who you have been and who you have the potential to be. Dispose yourself of distractions for a moment and connect with the eternal realm. This is the place where energy is manifested and brings forth fruition in our physical reality. That energy is seated within your Chakras and from there it’s distributed to its’ designated areas in your physical body.

First and for most, concentrate on grounding yourself through your Root(Muladhara) Chakra. Connect with your creative and explorative nature through your Sacral(Swadhisthana) Chakra. Ignite the transformational power in the Solar Plexus(Manipura) Chakra to combine your ability to imagine and create energetic matter. Allow your Heart (Anahata) Chakra to be the most powerful link between the physical and spiritual realm. Engage your Throat(Vishuddha) Chakra by listening deeply and bringing words to life. Incorporate your intellectual understanding through your Third-Eye (Ajna) Chakra. Connect with your infinite potential and pure consciousness by utilizing your Crown(Sahasrara) Chakra. By truly expending yourself with these chakras you will begin to see with new eyes. Your reality will change based off what you manifested within you. The world outside of you is a reflection of the world inside of you.

This information is to present the reality of the true power that lies dormant within us and how to utilize it. We’re consumed by so many things we don’t understand we just need to take the time to invest in this knowledge to give it the opportunity to change all of our lives. The Women’s Convention showed me how powerful it is to bring riveting truth to the world. The truth I’m working to bring to the surface is spiritual awareness and pure consciousness. It’s an immensely neglected topic that is vital to whole-heartedly understand and encompass as human beings. It reveals purpose and opportunity that we truly yearn to create. We are so much more than just a person walking and working our way through life on earth. We are created in the image of God. There’s oceans, sunsets, animals, elements, trees, and then there’s you. We’re all connected by the energetic forces of life. You are enough, you are powerful beyond measure! Let it excite you, not scare you. Become knowledgable and familiar with this information, and you will become limitless.

Although our body is a natural healing mechanism intended to do everything we need it to (as long as we provide it with the necessary components), pharmaceutical care has become a new norm. We result to foreign substances before we look into naturopathic techniques. The way doctors are taught, generally, is to provide proper medication for specific diagnosis. If you ask a doctor for more natural alternatives for progressive issues, most of them wouldn’t be able to provide you with that information. The reason for this is to leave an opening for a growing industry (inadvertently on doctors’ behalf). In order to be able to continue to have a supply and demand, they’re influenced to treat symptoms rather than cure them. The use of pharmaceutical practice makes this possible also because the substances they provide inevitably cause more issues, especially with prolonged use. We invest more of our money and time on research to exploit growing problems rather than to effectively find solutions to eliminate them. Undoubtedly, we’ve found effective treatment for debilitating diseases and have come a long way in scientific research, but the question is: “Why do we continue to be overwhelmed with substances that weaken our immune system when we have the necessary knowledge available to understand more reliable resources?” Ignorance is not bliss, what you don’t know can and always will hurt you. Lack of knowledge can make you vulnerable to a multitude of things.

The reason you are what you eat is because what you put into your body is broken down and dispersed on a cellular level. It incorporates itself with you. A lot of the things we use and consume on a constant basis have the ability to mutate our DNA, cause health/mental issues that transition through generations. Contrary to how much we consume on a daily basis, 92% of modified DNA is due to lack of necessary minerals. So, barely anything that we eat is necessary to encourage our system to fight against invasion. Only when the invasion becomes physically evident do we begin to concern ourselves with our bodies and lifestyles. Once something is physically taken care of, we typically resume to our bad habits. I believe that this comfortability is a result of us being consumed by our consumption. We consume so much we don’t realize that along with that, our lack of knowledge has made us targets for any and every market. When the world revolves around money, corporations and institutions are built based on their ability to profit off the things its’ consumers feel they need. In addition to that, they also have to convince potential consumers they need what they have to offer. Not to take away from the successes that have come upon due to these things, just reflecting on their desirable outcome versus my own. I am not a doctor, yet i’ve taken time to do enough research to understand that my body is designed to heal itself with what is provided through earth. Within my research i’ve also come to see the opposition and oppression of this understanding.

The amount of people who are conscious and aware of how things impact their lives is growing and it’s becoming harder to ignore the information and perceptions that are changing lives. One important person I advise you to do more research on is Dr.Sebi. Dr.Sebi is someone who has done extensive research on many things that involve our immune system and how our bodies work with natural and foreign substances. Through his own experience and deliverance of illness he was able to become a huge influence on society. Dr.Sebi has proved on numerous occasions that he has reversed and cured diseases that are currently said to be incurable. Diseases such as AIDS, Diabetes and Cancer. He was targeted and discredited because he’s not licensed and his products were not FDA approved. This puts into question where our priorities lie and whether or not organizations are really in our best interests. Dr.Sebi’s products were 100% natural and brought forth healing we would consider miracles. On August 6, 2016, while in custody for alleged money laundering, Dr. Sebi became severely ill with what was said to be Pneumonia. He passed in route to the hospital from holding. This is a man of 82 years who could drop to his knees and come right back up, it’s hard to believe he suddenly became deathly ill. Along with his passing, more than 50 holistic doctors died of questionable circumstances in the past year. Everything is moving so fast to the point where we can’t see clearly enough to keep up with it. We’ve become comfortable with distractions. We need to step back and reevaluate what’s actually going on right in front of us and how we are encouraging the progression of it. We can’t rely on the refocusing of entire systems to begin advocating for us, we have to advocate for ourselves. Being proactive in what we indulge in is very importantThere are plenty of resources we need to begin using to our advantage, specifically knowledge. I encourage you to take the time to do research on Holistic practice, Alkaline diet, Dr.Sebi, DNA/cell mutation, anatomy and anything else included in this blog to further expand and apply your own understanding.

Everyday is a day to be grateful for, especially today. Today you have the power to enforce change for the greater good of yourself and the world. Your dreams have the potential to be made into reality. Let go of all expectation and just gladly be and do today. Express your gratitude for as many things that you can. Be your own ripple in the wave of today. Let the light shine through your every move. Believe that you are capable of anything you put your mind to. Hold yourself accountable for the role you play in the lives of others. Genuinely take part in your life today. Take control of the time you have, make every second count. Do things out of the kindness of your heart and let it fill you with an abundance to continue to give what you have to offer. Show the world how powerful your existence is. You have a purpose, and it differs from everyone around you because of the personalized characteristics that make you who you are. You posses energy that you can transform and distribute how you’d like. Everything that you do contributes to the grand scheme of life. Eliminate the idea in your mind that makes you believe that you don’t impact the lives of others. Your life unfolds in proportion to your courage, be courageous today. Have the courage to do something you may have never done before, observe the change it creates in your life. Take a moment to breathe, and just be thankful. Instead of focusing energy on your problems, find refuge in your blessings and let it bring forth natural solutions. Reflect on the person you want to grow to be and understand the changes that have to be made in order to become that person. Today  is a day you will never get back, today is YOUR day. Love the life you live and that will lead you to a life you love. Today is the beginning of the rest of your life, which direction do you want to go?

Being the change we want to see in the world requires that we look beyond the surface of ourselves in order to encompass that change. This presents one of our greatest challenges because it inevitably takes us out of our comfort zone. We grow so comfortable in our ways, that we become afraid of the idea of change. Since change is required to grow toward our full potential, by the time change is necessary we create illusions to avoid self-reflection. As a result, we get stuck in the same position no matter how hard we try to move forward. History repeats itself because illusions cause us to find different ways to head back to the same place. By the time we reach familiar signs, the damage has already been done and prosperity is that much harder. It takes a change of perspective to be able to  analyze where you might have went wrong. The ironic thing about reality is that you have the power to change it. We shape our physical reality through our mental. With only a few seconds of focusing your attention on a subject, the Law of Attraction begins to respond. Within 17 seconds of focusing on something, a matching vibration becomes activated. Now, when you repeatedly return to a pure thought, lasting at least 68 seconds, in a short period of time ( hours in some cases, or a few days in others), that thought becomes a dominant thought. Once achieving a dominant thought, you will experience manifestations until you change it. We live in an energetic universe that brings karma to life. The energy that you put out is the energy that you will receive sevenfold because it travels through multiple sources. We are all one and everything we think and do has its’ own ripple in the wave of mankind. As the momentum of a wave progresses through like sources, so does its’ strength. The more we indulge in a particular thing or thought, the stronger it’s influence becomes. At times we grow overwhelmed by these energies and tend to isolate ourselves to better prioritize them. If our intentions are pure and we reflect on our own involvement, we begin a positive state of reinforcement. We transform and channel certain energies to specific energy centers in our bodies called Chakras. If we are not proactive and involved, the energy takes on a life of its’ own and we become a victim to ourselves. Our physical reality consists of 4 dimensions; forward/backward, up/down, left/right and time. The “in, out” dimension refers to the being inside you that can hear and talk without sound waves, feel without sense of touch and see beyond time. This, is where true power may lie dormant if you’re living on the sidelines of your life watching the game pass you by. Deprivation of love and positivity is a sure way to waste the integrity of your mind. Love is one of the strongest forces to be reckoned with, it can purify the most tainted of beings. Fill yourself with love and let it pour out of you, genuinely. Unconditional love is the essence of pure consciousness. I encourage you to do more research on Chakra, meditation, yoga, and pure consciousness in order to become more familiar of the different ways to understand what you’re manifesting subconsciously and be more active in your conscious mind.

The advancement of technology is crippling society. It’s like an infectious disease in desperate need of quarantine. We check our phones more than 100 times a day, watch countless episodes of our favorite series on Netflix and scroll social media blindly for something to engage in. We feel more connected through our devices than we do in reality. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a social gathering where they care more about talking to people who aren’t there, than those who are. We’ve become consumed by entertainment so much that we can’t realize the world of information we have access to. Technology is a mirror reflection of our own potential. It is its’ own entity and has the power to progress beyond our knowledge because we feed into it rather than allowing it to feed into us. Technology has taken the lead over our own intelligence and capability as human beings. Instead of using it to our advantage, we’ve used it more as a crutch to lean on. There is no doubt that we have come a long way in making great use of technology and the internet to benefit many aspects of our lives, but today we’re reflecting on the negative impact toward society.

One of the most important thing that has been compromised due to the progression of technology is privacy. As you should know, everything is online in some shape or form. From your personal interests, to your address and social security number. Businesses are resulting to electronic correspondence in order to successfully keep track of data and eliminate paper waste. Although a lot of this information is confidential, it doesn’t necessarily make it impossible to access. After all, even our Federal Post Office has been subject to being hacked. The data from apps or websites on your electronic devices are actually soled to third parties in order to generate personalized advertisements. If you ever take the time to read Terms and Condition contracts before you sign them, you may begin to think twice. At this point in the evolution of technology, we are more vulnerable than we realize.

As human beings we have a natural desire to connect with others and be able to showcase who we are. In addition to that, we also have our own sense of identity we’d like to embody. With Social Media, that has become overwhelmingly possible. In the click of a button you are instantly connected with someone who may live thousands of miles away from you. Just as easy as that, technology has given you the ability to reach out within the comfort of your home and present yourself however you’d like. With easier access to information and tools, we can also share the things we identify with personally on several levels. This ability changes the way we interact in our physical reality. We create an image of ourselves on Social Media that has its own effect on both our subconscious and those who follow us. We indulge in the life we have on the web more than we indulge in the life we have in the spirit and flesh. The effect technology has is as infinite and boundless as our own consciousness. The power of the subconscious is that it’s constantly underestimated due to the fact that it’s impact can go unnoticed, making it easier to become progressive. When we indulge in various aspects of life differently it creates cognitive dissonance. Human beings can not function properly with cognitive dissonance, they have to begin to create illusions in order to remain mentally intact. This is just to give you an idea of the lengths people may go to on the internet when it comes to obsessing over different things. Parents gift their children electronic devices at younger ages as time goes by, not realizing the influence that comes along with it. The children are our future and on a constant basis they are bombarded with information and access they have no idea how to handle properly. Of 1240 interviewed in a poll conducted on Common Sense Media, 50% of teens, aged 12-18, feel they are addicted to their mobile devices and social media. There has been a progressive increase of suicide in teens over the last 5 years and more deaths due to distracted driving directly related to the impact of technology and internet usage.

Like I said earlier, technology and the internet is a mirror reflection of our potential. If we dedicated our time to using it to our advantage rather than something to keep us comfortable or pass the time, we’d tap into the greatness that lies dormant within it. The benefit of those advantages can become just as habitual as the usage if we commit ourselves to being more conscious of how and how often we use technology in our daily lives. I hope that this article opened up your mind to see the areas in need of attention and improvement in regards to technology/ the internet, while simultaneously presenting the boundless potential we have as human beings. You are the device in which the infinite potential resides.