Although our body is a natural healing mechanism intended to do everything we need it to (as long as we provide it with the necessary components), pharmaceutical care has become a new norm. We result to foreign substances before we look into naturopathic techniques. The way doctors are taught, generally, is to provide proper medication for specific diagnosis. If you ask a doctor for more natural alternatives for progressive issues, most of them wouldn’t be able to provide you with that information. The reason for this is to leave an opening for a growing industry (inadvertently on doctors’ behalf). In order to be able to continue to have a supply and demand, they’re influenced to treat symptoms rather than cure them. The use of pharmaceutical practice makes this possible also because the substances they provide inevitably cause more issues, especially with prolonged use. We invest more of our money and time on research to exploit growing problems rather than to effectively find solutions to eliminate them. Undoubtedly, we’ve found effective treatment for debilitating diseases and have come a long way in scientific research, but the question is: “Why do we continue to be overwhelmed with substances that weaken our immune system when we have the necessary knowledge available to understand more reliable resources?” Ignorance is not bliss, what you don’t know can and always will hurt you. Lack of knowledge can make you vulnerable to a multitude of things.

The reason you are what you eat is because what you put into your body is broken down and dispersed on a cellular level. It incorporates itself with you. A lot of the things we use and consume on a constant basis have the ability to mutate our DNA, cause health/mental issues that transition through generations. Contrary to how much we consume on a daily basis, 92% of modified DNA is due to lack of necessary minerals. So, barely anything that we eat is necessary to encourage our system to fight against invasion. Only when the invasion becomes physically evident do we begin to concern ourselves with our bodies and lifestyles. Once something is physically taken care of, we typically resume to our bad habits. I believe that this comfortability is a result of us being consumed by our consumption. We consume so much we don’t realize that along with that, our lack of knowledge has made us targets for any and every market. When the world revolves around money, corporations and institutions are built based on their ability to profit off the things its’ consumers feel they need. In addition to that, they also have to convince potential consumers they need what they have to offer. Not to take away from the successes that have come upon due to these things, just reflecting on their desirable outcome versus my own. I am not a doctor, yet i’ve taken time to do enough research to understand that my body is designed to heal itself with what is provided through earth. Within my research i’ve also come to see the opposition and oppression of this understanding.

The amount of people who are conscious and aware of how things impact their lives is growing and it’s becoming harder to ignore the information and perceptions that are changing lives. One important person I advise you to do more research on is Dr.Sebi. Dr.Sebi is someone who has done extensive research on many things that involve our immune system and how our bodies work with natural and foreign substances. Through his own experience and deliverance of illness he was able to become a huge influence on society. Dr.Sebi has proved on numerous occasions that he has reversed and cured diseases that are currently said to be incurable. Diseases such as AIDS, Diabetes and Cancer. He was targeted and discredited because he’s not licensed and his products were not FDA approved. This puts into question where our priorities lie and whether or not organizations are really in our best interests. Dr.Sebi’s products were 100% natural and brought forth healing we would consider miracles. On August 6, 2016, while in custody for alleged money laundering, Dr. Sebi became severely ill with what was said to be Pneumonia. He passed in route to the hospital from holding. This is a man of 82 years who could drop to his knees and come right back up, it’s hard to believe he suddenly became deathly ill. Along with his passing, more than 50 holistic doctors died of questionable circumstances in the past year. Everything is moving so fast to the point where we can’t see clearly enough to keep up with it. We’ve become comfortable with distractions. We need to step back and reevaluate what’s actually going on right in front of us and how we are encouraging the progression of it. We can’t rely on the refocusing of entire systems to begin advocating for us, we have to advocate for ourselves. Being proactive in what we indulge in is very importantThere are plenty of resources we need to begin using to our advantage, specifically knowledge. I encourage you to take the time to do research on Holistic practice, Alkaline diet, Dr.Sebi, DNA/cell mutation, anatomy and anything else included in this blog to further expand and apply your own understanding.

Everyday is a day to be grateful for, especially today. Today you have the power to enforce change for the greater good of yourself and the world. Your dreams have the potential to be made into reality. Let go of all expectation and just gladly be and do today. Express your gratitude for as many things that you can. Be your own ripple in the wave of today. Let the light shine through your every move. Believe that you are capable of anything you put your mind to. Hold yourself accountable for the role you play in the lives of others. Genuinely take part in your life today. Take control of the time you have, make every second count. Do things out of the kindness of your heart and let it fill you with an abundance to continue to give what you have to offer. Show the world how powerful your existence is. You have a purpose, and it differs from everyone around you because of the personalized characteristics that make you who you are. You posses energy that you can transform and distribute how you’d like. Everything that you do contributes to the grand scheme of life. Eliminate the idea in your mind that makes you believe that you don’t impact the lives of others. Your life unfolds in proportion to your courage, be courageous today. Have the courage to do something you may have never done before, observe the change it creates in your life. Take a moment to breathe, and just be thankful. Instead of focusing energy on your problems, find refuge in your blessings and let it bring forth natural solutions. Reflect on the person you want to grow to be and understand the changes that have to be made in order to become that person. Today  is a day you will never get back, today is YOUR day. Love the life you live and that will lead you to a life you love. Today is the beginning of the rest of your life, which direction do you want to go?

There is a plan for your life. No matter how many times or how far you stray away from it, it will always be calling you to it. Those moments of uncertainty is a calling of reflection. Always reflect on where you are, what you’re doing, where you want to be and what it takes for you to get there. Nobody ever said life was easy, and that’s because it isn’t. There are a lot of things that are going to stand in your way that you will have to hurtle over. You may be struggling now, you may struggle tomorrow, but the greatness that awaits you is always there. What makes you happy? What skill have you been blessed with that you can in turn bless the world with? Those skills are a part of your calling. It may just be a hobby that you like to experiment with in your spare time.  What sparks the worlds interest in you? When you do something you love and that you are passionate about, no one can replicate that. They may be able to be in the same field as you, but they are not you and can not bring what you can bring to the table. The foundation of this success is built upon your mindset. Your mind is your weapon, and an awful thing to waste. You can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. Use your mind, heart, and spirit to your advantage. In the words of Buddha, “what you think; you become. what you feel;  you attract, & what you imagine is what you create.” Do not compare yourself to others, you are your own form of beauty and greatness. Perspective is key. You can look at one situation a thousand different ways. You can change your world by changing your thoughts. Humble yourself. Frederick Douglass once said “You are not judged by the height you have risen, but by the depth you have climbed.”  Life is not about what happens to you, it is about how you move through it and overcome your obstacles. Through pain, strength is created and utilized in its best form. Instead of dwelling on the darkness, be the light if you can’t find it anywhere around you. Keep moving forward, walking in faith and believing that you can be as great as you want to be. Each day that you wake up is another chance to go after what you really desire. Every day is christmas, and every night is new years eve. You are constantly blessed with new beginnings and opportunities. Never stop educating yourself, knowledge will always equal power. When you learn something new, apply it to your life and pay attention to the change it brings. It’s one thing to think about doing something and another thing to actually do it. You may genuinely want to do something and don’t know where to start. The first thing you do is put it on paper, look at in physical form. Create goals to reach and don’t underestimate what it takes to accomplish it. Trust and be patient with the process. Everything takes time and effort. You may not get instant gratification but that is okay, do not quit. Claim your victory, affirm to yourself that you will get there, no weapon formed against you shall prosper. You must arrive at your destination before your life does. We live in an energetic universe. What you put out into the world is what will come back to you, sevenfold.  The universe aligns you with people, things and situations that match the energy you put out. The more you improve yourself and raise your vibration, the more you will see things that are beneficial to your well-being. A part of humbling yourself is putting your ego in check. The ego says “ I shouldn’t have to suffer,” that thought makes you suffer so much more. It is a distortion of the truth, which is always paradoxical. The truth is that you need to say yes to suffering before you can transcend it. Not in the sense of; “yes let me suffer,” but more of “yes, I may suffer, but the greatness that awaits me thereafter will bring me greater joy.” Suffering has a noble purpose: the evolution of consciousness and the burning of ego. Frederick Keonig said it best, “We tend to forget happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.” Your life unfolds in proportion to your courage. So do not let fear or doubt consume you to the point that you procrastinate.  Although it is never too late, it will be much more challenging for you to overcome the mindset that led you into procrastination in the first place. Love yourself, and your neighbor. It may seem hard, but with the right perspective it becomes extremely easy. Love is the one thing people truly can’t ignore within themselves. Love is a powerful energy that pierces through the coldest hearts and darkest minds. The special thing about other people no matter who they are or where they are in  life, is that there’s always something you can learn from them. Whether it’s from a good situation or a bad one, there’s something great to be taken away from every one of them. If you know God, you know that he works in the most mysterious ways. One of the most common ways i’ve experienced myself, was through other people. The nectar of compassion is so wonderful. If you are committed to keeping it alive, then you are protected. What the other person does, or says will not ignite the anger in you, because compassion is the real antidote for anger. Those judgements you have a hard time getting rid of, are actually a reflection of how you see yourself. We tend to make these judgements not realizing they go hand-in-hand with our own behavior. That is another reason why reflection is so important. It’s easy to put your time and energy into other peoples issues than it is your own. Be constructive, not deconstructive. You can hear without vibrations of sound, see without eyes, talk without tongue, and feel without being touched. You are a force to be reckoned with. Life works according to your consciousness. You are more than just a shell, you are a being. In order to tap into that being you have to indulge in the spirit, not the flesh. When the being speaks, all nature and the universe responds. Now, GO BE GREAT! MUCH LOVE, NAMASTE.

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The saying is true “We all have a past and a story”. Some peoples past are not so bad, or it wasn’t too bad, while others past scream “You never should have made it”. My past story would be under the category of “Never should have made it”. I wasn’t always the Godly woman, let’s make that clear and my patience ran very thin. I didn’t always make the right decisions or say the right things. As a matter of fact, my mouth was foul and vicious. I loved hustlers and the street life and even sold a few drugs myself. Sex, was my coping mechanism along with the usage of cocaine, liquor, and weed. To make matters worse my first Husband was abusive and my sons Father is currently serving thirty years in a Federal Facility. See, I told you “We ALL have a past and a story….BUT there’s some GLORY to ALL of our stories.

Have you ever wondered why some people try to keep you hostage with your past? Or why no matter how much you’ve evolved, they choose to remember the “I remember when’s”. How many of us have miscarried our purpose and destiny because of others opinions of us? How many times have you become angry with self and with others because your past is haunting you? My last question to you is, when will you take back your power? The very moment you realize that everything that you were in the past is what help mode you for your today. That’s right, just think if you never had any affliction, trials, test, or tribulations. How would we know God to be everything He promised us He would be? He promised us that he would be our Healer (that includes your mindset, heart, & soul), Deliverer (that includes all areas of bondage), Savior (that includes your ENTIRE life), & He said that He would stick closer than any brother (that mean seven when you were at your worst).

There was a time when I allowed my past and others opinions of me to haunt my future. I’ve even been told by some people who attend church “People don’t need to know your business they can’t handle it” or “Why do you tell your business so people can talk about you”. Well, I believe that IT’S MY STORY to tell and I want it told right, with truth. Besides, nobody can tell your story like you can and no one knows the deepest darkest parts to your story. I promise you, the more you share your testimony with those who can benefit from being told how you made it over. The more power you’ve taken from the enemy, people, and your past. The enemy desires to keep you in bondage and God’s desires you to walk in liberty with no condemnation and live in abundance. This is why the enemy keeps whispering your past in your ear to fatally distract you from ALL the blessings that lay before you. Every blessing that has your name on it awaits you. Yet, you’re stuck and hurt because no matter what you do….People remind you of your past.

When we are reluctant to share our story, we allow God’s glory to be robbed because of shame and embarrassment. Then, we allow others who are going through what we have been through to suffer because of shame and embarrassment. How selfish is that and why are we so ashamed of what helped build us and couldn’t break us? From past experience this means one, two things, or it could mean both. Either you haven’t forgiven self and or you created a mental prison within self. Don’t be your worst enemy learn to speak life over yourself “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”….CELEBRATE your NEWNESS!

I am reminded of the story of Lot and his Wife. The Bible says “But Lot’s Wife looked back as she lingered behind him, and she became a pillar of salt”. STOP lingering and looking back before you miss the very breakthrough that you’ve been praying and fasting for. Besides, how will you know what’s ahead of you and you keep looking back at your past. FREE your mind and yourself and the rest will follow! It doesn’t matter what your past consist of or how bad it was because ‘Whom the Son sets free is truly free indeed”. Walk in your NOW and make no excuses about where you’ve been because all that matters is where you’re going. Stick your chest out because you are a SURVIVOR and MORE THEN A CONQUEROR. God has His hands on you, He’s not a man that can lie, and He promised to complete the work He started in you.

My prayers go out to Michael Vick, because he served his time and people are still trying to hold him hostage. But in the words of my girl Ms. Cicely from the “Color Purple” “The jail you build for me, is the jail you will rot in”. Own your past mistakes and let everyone know that redemption is possible. I love the fact that God has a way of making dirt look good and although WE ALL WAS filthy once upon a time. His BLOOD washed all of our sins away including our past. NOW WALK IN YOUR AUTHORITY, NEWNESS, & RIP YOUR RUNWAY!!

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