Derrick brings to our conversation a male voice and a different perspective on what we talk about. Derrick’s perspectives were shaped by his life which includes that he was born on the beautiful island of Trinidad in the West Indies to Augustine and Joan Marcano.  His Cultural perspective.  His father, a master plumber, accepted an invitation to work in the United States and decided, with his wife’s blessing, that it could lead to bigger and better things. Upon his arrival and settlement he brought Derrick, his mother, and his sister over to the US to join him. Derrick has lived in Trinidad, Canada and now in Baltimore with his family in Northwest Baltimore.   His Hard work perspective.

Derrick’s family has always been big on education, sports, and that West Indian American love. Derrick’s life has been shaped by opportunities such as the Junior Olympics where he met the track legend Jesse Owens.  Derrick has received accolades for his soccer ability over the years- his first sport love.  

Derrick applied his love and athleticism to perfecting his craft and was selected to play Professional indoor soccer by the coaching staff of the Baltimore Blast. His professional career lasted over 10 years and led him to not only play but coach both professional amateur soccer in Baltimore and Tampa, Florida. His Health perspective. Derrick’s many perspectives also include his short stint in the military. His Military perspective. The fundamental value of education taught by his parents has stuck with not only Derrick, who has a degree in Psychology, but his two sisters. Dr. Donna Marcano, the oldest, is a tenured professor of philosophy at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut and Desiree Marcano, the Youngest, is a practicing Attorney in the Baltimore area.  Education perspective.

Derrick’s new focus is passing on the family tradition of academics and athletics to his two children, Kirred who plays softball and will be attending college soon and Stephon, who is a multi-sport athlete much like his dad was. Family and Father Perspective. While he is the first to say he is not perfect, he understands perspectives. Derrick brings all of these perspectives and voices and wants to “talk about it” with the amazing host of “The Tyra Hill Show” and the show friends and listeners. Derrick enjoys helping others and brings a diverse background along with a plethora of life’s experiences to “The Tyra Hill Show”. His involvement and intent on the show is not only to express “The Male perspective” but to also bring the understanding to the many perspectives out there while complimenting the show’s host and her ability to convey life’s everyday situations into good healthy conversation.

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