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So your friend tried this new diet, and they’re telling everyone about it. It sounds crazy, but you are thinking of giving it a try anyway. The diet consists of eating whatever you want for one day and fasting for two days straight. It worked for them but you know its unhealthy. What do you do? I’ll tell you what you are going to do, have some patients, continue to do what you’ve learned, and be consistent in your efforts. All too often there is a comes a miracle diet, miracle powder, miracle pill, miracle drink that will change the way you approach health and fitness all together. It lasts for a couple months, dies out, then the next big thing hits the market. Sometimes you end up with lawsuits like Fen Phen( and Ehpedra( Ok, one may lose or gain weight from a ridiculous diet depending on their purpose, but at what cost? I often advise people to consider approaching health from the inside out. On the outside they may have changed but what ill-effect will it have on your liver, kidneys, arteries, etc. Being healthy is about more than looks, its a “total” body concept. I wouldn’t want you dropping 100lbs but still running the risk of keeling over from a heart attack because your focus was only about your weight and not health in general. I know its not spectacular and dramatic to hear “drink water, eat veggies and fruit,  lean cuts of meat, no white starches or wheat, no sugar.” Its fairly simple……too simple. I think that’s why some flock to the abnormal. The funny thing is its becoming abnormal to eat in that fashion. I get criticized on a daily basis myself. “You don’t eat this?!” “You only eat how much of that?!  “You crazy!” I also think that’s why these so called miracle cures/diets become so popular. It seems that it has become more widely accepted to parade around saying “I’m on a diet right now”, than it is to “live” a healthy lifestyle and cut things out you don’t need. Don’t be deterred, make your changes as you see fit. Hold your head up and continue to apply what you’ve learned. That criticism is people’s way of making themselves feel better about their current state and choices (I  will be talking more about that one day). So remember, my slogan is more of a self-esteem building concept. Its not meant to be looked at superficially, and the results you seek should be from a health stand point not a superficial one. Therefore, no matter what results a person has, the very first thing your should consider is “How did they achieve them”. If it doesn’t sound healthy, its probably not……..

~its about what YOU see in the mirror~

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