What Is Circuit Training?

Today I want to talk to how you you train. The whole “something is better than nothing” excuse to not change it up, were gonna throw that out the window right now! Its not only important that you train but how you train can have a great impact on your progress and time management. Most of us don’t have an hour and a half  [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/what-is-circuit-training/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

The Most Important Love

Self-esteem is a critical component of any program aimed at self-improvement. A close relationship has been documented between low self-esteem and such problems as violence, alcoholism, drug abuse, eating disorders, school dropouts, teenage pregnancy, suicide, and low academic achievement. Exercise has numerous health  [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/the-most-important-love/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]


Say goodbye to Wheat forever!!!

Today I’d like to talk to you about a food item that needs to be cut completely from the diet if you desire a healthier existence and flatter stomach. Wheat! When I say wheat I’m not only referring to brown bread as opposed to white bread. I’m referring to the ingredient “wheat”. I’m not sure if you realize bu the only difference between   [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/wheat/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

Exercise Improves Mood

Have you ever seen someone who exercised often, and it seems like they have a over the top upbeat personality? With that “Go team go!!!” attitude? As it turns out research has concluded that exercise can improve mood. One surprising thing that’s been discovered is it doesn’t matter what type or intensity. Now, I’m strictly talking about attitude so don’t think you’re off the hook [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/exercise-improves-mood/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

You Can’t Out Exercise A Bad Diet

I read the best quote I’ve seen so far when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. YOU CAN’T OUT EXERCISE A BAD DIET! For instance, if you walk on the treadmill for 30 min, you’ll burn roughly 300 calories. If you eat a Burger King meal (Whopper with cheese, small fry, and med coke) over 30 min……and you know it doesn’t take that long), you would be consuming 1290 calories. You starting to get the picture?  [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/cant-out-exercise-a-bad-diet/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

Fitness Freak Holiday Eating Rules

I was thinking about the pitfalls of sticking to a healthy lifestyle during the holidays. Food is the number one culprit to stalling your progress. This prompted me to come up with a list of rules for [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/fitness-freak-holiday-eating-rules/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

Childhood Obesity

Let’s talk about childhood obesity. From the 1960’s to now the rate of obese children has tripled! A recent study of adolescents to individuals in their 30s found that 36.1% of the sample was obese in 2008, with appox. 90% of obese adolescent remaining obese into adulthood. Parents we set the example for our children. [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/childhood-obesity/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

Cheap Homemade Exercise Equipment

I trained three women using equipment I made for around $20. Lets look at some creative ways I exercise and the inexpensive materials I use. [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/cheap-homemade-exercise-equipment/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

Sexy Legs in 10 minutes a day

Every person wants sexy, strong legs. Well you don’t get them by sitting on the couch! You don’t get them by “talking” about how much you want. them. You don’t get them by bragging on how others you know have put in the work. And you most certainly don’t get them by hanging around others that already have them. Well that leaves only one question………How do you get them? [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/sexy-legs-in-10-minutes-a-day/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

Abdominal Core Training

Ok my faithful troopers, today I want to talk to you about activity. Specifically abdominal core training. Everyone wants abs right? Of course we know diet is important for cutting the fat to see the muscles but at some point we actually have to train the muscles. Here’s my number one secret [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/abdominal-core-training/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

8 Sexy Ways to Burn Calories

Sex—and smooching and snuggling and everything else on the spectrum—is great for your relationship and happiness, but intimate time with your sweetie is also terrific for your physical health. Not only does that “loving feeling” get your heart rate up, it can burn some serious calories, too! Check out the [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/8-sexy-ways-to-burn-calories/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

Dire Situations

Raw spinach is a healthy way to improve your digestive system. It contains certain essential nutrients, such as thiamine and fiber, that are used by your digestive system. There are also enzymes located in raw spinach that will help break down your food and improve digestion even further [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/dire-situations/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

The Faster Way To Lose Weight

Stop focusing on how many calories you burn in the gym and instead focus on how your body expends calories outside the gym. You burn calories throughout the day regardless of what you are doing, but exercise helps increase the rate at which you burn those calories. With most forms of traditional [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/the-faster-way-to-lose-weight/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

I thought I was eating healthy

See, the problem with the whole idea of cutting back on sugar is we are so “sweets” focused, but the fact is glucose is the sugar that the body uses for energy and stores as fat for later. The most important question that can be asked is what foods break down to glucose? [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/i-thought-i-was-eating-healthy/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

Water Weight

Drink more water. Believe it or not, you may be retaining water because you haven’t been drinking enough of it in the first place. Lack of water affects your kidneys, which in turn affects your liver, which stops doing its job of burning fat. Not only that, your body doesn’t have the fluid it needs to flush out waste, so it holds on to what water it has, causing you [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/water-weight/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

How to maintain weight loss or muscle building progress

See, the body is highly adaptable. It always wants to find the most efficient way to perform tasks. It will allocate more blood flow and oxygen to certain muscles that perform repetitive tasks, or use fat stores for energy to accomplish…..depending on the goal  trying to be obtained. Once the body can perform that task without strain on the system, it no longer [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/how-to-maintain-weight-loss-or-muscle-building-progress/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

7 Ways To Ease The Effects Of Sugar

When you consume starch and refined sugar, these foods enter the bloodstream quickly, causing a sugar spike. Your body then produces the hormone insulin to drive that sugar from your bloodstream into cells. But over time, excessive levels of insulin can make your muscle cells lose sensitivity to the hormone, leading to [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/7-ways-to-ease-the-effects-of-sugar/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

Take a class!

There are many benefits to exercising in a group fitness class. Honestly, the best workout I ever got was in a class. I felt I needed to be the example for the group, so I pushed myself harder than I would’ve on my own. I saw many members of the class improve quickly. Also we looked forward to seeing each other and encouraged each other every time we came. Even the slowest out of shape person improved [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/take-a-class/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

I lost 100lbs in 3 weeks!

So your friend tried this new diet, and they’re telling everyone about it. It sounds crazy, but you are thinking of giving it a try anyway. The diet consists of eating whatever you want for one day and fasting for two days straight. It worked for them but you know its unhealthy. What do you do?   [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/i-lost-100lbs-in-3-weeks/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

Results with Little or No Effort!!!

That’s an appealing title isn’t it? It seems that in this day of fitness a great majority of people want results with little to no effort. People wonder why it takes them so long to reach their goals but won’t approach them in a logical manner. If little to no effort is how you got the way you are now, then how can you expect to have the opposite [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/results-with-little-or-no-effort/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

Your Feet

Your feet  are very, very  imprortant! You must take care of them.You use them for standing, balancing, running, jumping, and simple walking. Think about it, if your feet are not prepared, your activity will suffer. Kinda like buying the top of the line sports car, with all the bell and whistles, 0-60 in 4.3, but putting the cheapest tires [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/your-feet/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]


Did you start your workout yet?  Have you changed your diet? Do you feel that its hard to  live an active lifestyle after being sedentary for so long? Do you feel that you will never get eating healthy down packed? Do you feel like your goal was too far fetched? The one thing I know about training and counsling is ATTITUDE [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/attitude/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

Recovering From Your Workout

I don’t have to tell you to get your butt in gear…..well some of you I do. What I might also have to tell you that spending hours lifting, running, and jumping day-in-and-day-out will stall your progress. Rest and recovery are essential components to [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/recovering-from-your-workout/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

7 Fun Exercises To Reach Your Goal

You don’t have to be in the gym to get a great workout. Try these fun activities to reach your goal. [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/7-fun-exercises-to-reach-your-goal/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]


Let’s talk more about type 2 diabetes. Why? Because it’s the most controllable. What we eat is just as important as how much we eat. Take wheat, corn, and white starches like potatoes and rice for instance. These foods are converted into sugar. So much in fact that if you have diabetes, the first thin that’s recommended to cut out is wheat. It can spike your blood sugar higher than a [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/diabetes/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

Sore Muscles!!!

With all this talk of exercise and eating healthy. Let’s talk about newbies’ number one complaint when exercising, getting sore. Yes its uncomfotable, and sometimes painful but it doesn’t last forever. Let’s look at what’s happening in the body and what we can do to alliviate the discomfort [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/sore-muscles/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

Small Changes

People I give advice to about what to cut out their diet sometimes give me excuses. The ones I hear the most when they’re resisting change are, “you never had to worry about weight your weight”, “its easy for you to cut things out of your diet”, “you don’t understand being addicted to sweets”. Well I’m here to tell you they are right. I never had to worry about my weight beacause I’ve always been active. It is true that for me its easy to cut things out of my diet, because I see the changes in my body and health from those decisions. I have always been in somewhat pretty good shape, but I wasn’t always a healthy [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/small-changes/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Hello my athletes! Today we’re gonna talk about HYPERTENSION. Is nick named the silent killer because it usually causes no symptoms. Many people have the problem for years without knowing it. Just because no symptoms are presented does not mean damage is not occuring. The only way to know if you have high blood pressure is to have it checked. When was the last time you had yours checked? Hypertension is when your blood pressure is elevated and [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/hypertension-high-blood-pressure/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

Muscle vs Protein supplements

I had a friend ask me about protein today. She wanted to know about protein shakes. So for Promise and the rest of you, here’s the facts……. The only stimulus to make muscles larger and stronger is to stretch them while they contract against resistance. When you lift a heavy weight, your muscles start to stretch before they start to contract. This tears the muscle and causes soreness on the next day. If you rest and let the muscle heal, it will be stronger than before you stretched it. You improve [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/muscle-vs-protein-supplements/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

Muscle vs. Fat-part 2

No.1  Don’t focus on how much you weigh. No.2  Don’t put your resistance training on the back burner and only emphasize cardio. Do them together. No.3  Let consistency be your goal. Keep your schedule , at least 3 times a week, every week. [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/muscle-vs-fat-part-2/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

Muscle vs. Fat-part 1

We talked about focusing on your overall size and not the number on the scale, this is why. Muscle weighs more than fat but it takes up less space. When you start your workout plan, and you start building muscle you may not see the number on the scale change as much as you think it should. You may become frustrated, but you body may still be changing. Also you need to understand that moving your muscles is the only thing that burns fat/stored calories. So it would stand to reason that the fastest way to lose fat is to build bigger muscles (resistance training). You won’t get big like a [button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/muscle-vs-fat-part-1/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

15 Benefits of Water

There are many calls for you to drink a lot of water in a single day. While you may not understand the reason why, it is first important to note that the liquid constitutes a significant part of your body. The following are the benefits of drinking water.

Water is necessary to keep young It is effective in helping you lose weight It is helpful in eliminating skin disorders Water is helpful in muscle building and toning

[button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/15-benefits-of-water/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

Day 1 Detox Foods

Welcome to day 1. Today we start with a clean slate. EVERYTHING is erased. So let’s get started. The first thing we have to do is restructure our life. The new order of importance goes God, family, job, health. There is no room for ANYTHING else until these obligations are met. What does this mean?

[button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/day-1/” bg_color=”#de2ade”]read more[/button]

Day 2 Detox Foods

Let’s add more foods to our list of detox foods. Chia seeds and Aloe Vera. These are “Gelatinous Fibers”. Gelatinous Fibers clean out your intestinal track binding to any toxins, mostly the bile salts released by the liver. Now listen! Ive tried aloe vera! I can’t begin tell you how nasty it is! If you have any ways of eating it where it doesn’t taste like you opened a 9 volt battery, then more power to you. Chia seeds are more tolerable.

[button link=”http://www.thetyrahillshow.com/food-list/ ” bg_color=”#64e32d”]read more[/button]


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  • kenyatta wright

    I just wanted to tell you How proud of you I am and im looking forward to Improving what I SEE in MY Mirror!!!

  • Dawn Sledge

    I feel privileged to be able to say that I am currently going through training with you…..I sincerely respect your knowledge in health and nutrition and happy to be a living witness to your works! Since training with Mr. Anderson twice a week for the last several weeks, I have already lost 17lbs! My blood pressure is more stabilized after years of non compliance with my medication and overall I feel great. Even at my weakest point you pushed me to go that extra second. You are a powerful motivator and a great inspiration. I look forward to continue working with you and excited for consistent results. Thank you for your contribution.

  • Thomas Anderson

    Dawn, you are my girl! You push through every workout and have shown you are dedicated to this lifestyle change. No matter how hard I am on you, you respond with that “will do” attitutde. You are a trainers’ dream, someone who will go after the results with all their heart. I’ll see you in a couple days so we can continue on this journey together.


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