Ariana is a young inspiring writer and entrepreneur who excels through her empathetic nature and ability to connect with people. She was born on a Navy Base in Agana Heights, Guam and grew up in various places resulting in her broad, diverse way of thinking. From big city, to small town and a bit of country living in between, Ariana considers herself a master of adjustment. Her roots are mainly in Flint, Michigan where her foundation of family within a community began. She was inspired through family, common struggles, the desire for solutions, and Gods undying love and grace to touch the lives of others. This inspiration grew as she overcame obstacles when dealing with people on different levels and perceptions of life. Her empathetic nature compelled her to be a positive force in all lives. Growing up in Flint, Ariana was immensely impacted by the decline of their economy and community. What she witnessed effected her more than what she went through.  A lot of what makes Ariana who she is, is her ability to shine light in other people’s lives. She does so effortlessly through her way of communicating. After all, being a vibrant, optimistic, selfless, diverse personality makes her the perfect person to talk to about anything. She lives to inspire others with her genuine desire to make the world a better place one opportunity at a time! You can follow her on Twitter @Beautyofmind96.